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Scope: C Library Functions.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
driver_entry(3erl) The driver-entry structure used by Erlang drivers.
ei(3erl) Routines for handling the Erlang binary term format.
ei_connect(3erl) Communicate with distributed Erlang.
erl_connect(3erl) Communicate with distributed Erlang.
erl_driver(3erl) API functions for an Erlang driver.
erl_error(3erl) Error print routines.
erl_eterm(3erl) Functions for Erlang term construction.
erl_format(3erl) Create and match Erlang terms.
erl_global(3erl) Access globally registered names.
erl_malloc(3erl) Memory allocation functions.
erl_marshal(3erl) Encoding and decoding of Erlang terms.
erl_nif(3erl) API functions for an Erlang NIF library.
erts_alloc(3erl) An Erlang runtime system internal memory allocator library.
ic_c_protocol(3erl) IC C Protocol Functions.
ic_clib(3erl) IC C Library Functions.
registry(3erl) Store and back up key-value pairs.
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