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Scope: C Programmer's Manual.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
ba_and_ba(3pub) ↣ bitarr(3pub)
ba_clear(3pub) ↣ bitarr(3pub)
ba_clear_all(3pub) ↣ bitarr(3pub)
ba_copy(3pub) ↣ bitarr(3pub)
ba_create(3pub) ↣ bitarr(3pub)
ba_destroy(3pub) ↣ bitarr(3pub)
ba_not(3pub) ↣ bitarr(3pub)
ba_or_ba(3pub) ↣ bitarr(3pub)
ba_or_not_ba(3pub) ↣ bitarr(3pub)
ba_query(3pub) ↣ bitarr(3pub)
ba_resize(3pub) ↣ bitarr(3pub)
ba_set(3pub) ↣ bitarr(3pub)
ba_xor_ba(3pub) ↣ bitarr(3pub)
cmp_char(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_chararr(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_charptr(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_double(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_float(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_int(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_long(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_long_double(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_schar(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_set_offset(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_short(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_struct(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_uchar(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_uint(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_ulong(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_ushort(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
dynarr(3pub) Simple dynamic arrays.
dynarr_free(3pub) ↣ dynarr(3pub) Simple dynamic arrays.
dynarr_init(3pub) ↣ dynarr(3pub) Simple dynamic arrays.
dynarr_resize(3pub) ↣ dynarr(3pub) Simple dynamic arrays.
fassert(3pub) ↣ files(3pub) File manipulation utilities.
files(3pub) File manipulation utilities.
fname(3pub) Filename manipulation.
fnbase(3pub) ↣ fname(3pub) Filename manipulation.
fndelbeg(3pub) ↣ fname(3pub) Filename manipulation.
fndelend(3pub) ↣ fname(3pub) Filename manipulation.
fndelsuf(3pub) ↣ fname(3pub) Filename manipulation.
fndir(3pub) ↣ fname(3pub) Filename manipulation.
fnhome(3pub) ↣ fname(3pub) Filename manipulation.
fnjoin(3pub) ↣ fname(3pub) Filename manipulation.
fnlastsuf(3pub) ↣ fname(3pub) Filename manipulation.
fnpathfind(3pub) Find a file in a list of directories.
fnqualify(3pub) Qualify a filename.
fnsetsuf(3pub) ↣ fname(3pub) Filename manipulation.
getaline(3pub) ↣ files(3pub) File manipulation utilities.
hash(3pub) Generic hash tables.
hash_create(3pub) ↣ hash(3pub) Generic hash tables.
hash_destroy(3pub) ↣ hash(3pub) Generic hash tables.
hash_install(3pub) ↣ hash(3pub) Generic hash tables.
hash_iter(3pub) ↣ hash(3pub) Generic hash tables.
hash_lookup(3pub) ↣ hash(3pub) Generic hash tables.
hash_uninstall(3pub) ↣ hash(3pub) Generic hash tables.
iset_add(3pub) ↣ iset(3pub)
iset_add_range(3pub) ↣ iset(3pub)
iset_clear(3pub) ↣ iset(3pub)
iset_contains(3pub) ↣ iset(3pub)
iset_copy(3pub) ↣ iset(3pub)
iset_create(3pub) ↣ iset(3pub)
iset_destroy(3pub) ↣ iset(3pub)
iset_diff(3pub) ↣ iset(3pub)
iset_is_empty(3pub) ↣ iset(3pub)
iset_isect(3pub) ↣ iset(3pub)
iset_nth_range(3pub) ↣ iset(3pub)
iset_range(3pub) ↣ iset(3pub)
iset_remove(3pub) ↣ iset(3pub)
iset_remove_range(3pub) ↣ iset(3pub)
iset_union(3pub) ↣ iset(3pub)
log(3pub) Simple log file output.
memarrfill(3pub) Fill an array with the value of its first element.
memdel(3pub) Remove bytes from beginning of memory block.
memdup(3pub) ↣ xmalloc(3pub) Memory allocation functions for Publib.
memfill(3pub) Fill memory area with pattern.
memins(3pub) Insert bytes at beginning of memory block.
memisort(3pub) Insert new element into sorted array.
memmem(3pub) Search for memory block inside another memory block.
memoverlap(3pub) Check whether two memory blocks overlap.
memrchr(3pub) Find last occurrence of a character within another memory block.
memrev(3pub) Reverse an array in place.
memrmem(3pub) Find last occurrence of memory block within another memory block.
memshuffle(3pub) Make an array be in random order.
memswap(3pub) Swap the contents of two memory blocks.
stack(3pub) Manipulate stacks.
stack_copy(3pub) ↣ stack(3pub) Manipulate stacks.
stack_create(3pub) ↣ stack(3pub) Manipulate stacks.
stack_destroy(3pub) ↣ stack(3pub) Manipulate stacks.
stack_is_empty(3pub) ↣ stack(3pub) Manipulate stacks.
stack_pop(3pub) ↣ stack(3pub) Manipulate stacks.
stack_push(3pub) ↣ stack(3pub) Manipulate stacks.
stracat(3pub) Concatenate many strings into an allocated memory block.
stranaxfrm(3pub) Make a string into canonical form for anagram comparison.
strchange(3pub) Replace beginning of string with beginning of another string.
strcins(3pub) Insert a character at the beginning of a string.
strcstr(3pub) Convert memory block to printable C string notation.
strdel(3pub) Delete characters from beginning of string.
strdiff(3pub) Locate first difference between two strings.
strend(3pub) Return pointer to the terminating '\0' of a string.
strendzap(3pub) Remove pattern from end of str, if it is there.
strgsub(3pub) Substitute all occurrences of pattern with another string.
strhash(3pub) Hash function for strings.
strinit(3pub) Initialize a string with a given character to a given length.
strins(3pub) Insert a string at the beginning of another string.
strltrim(3pub) Remove leading whitespace from string.
strmaxcpy(3pub) Copy at most a given number of characters of string.
strmove(3pub) Make a copy of a string, handling overlapping strings.
strmtrim(3pub) Replace multiple white spaces with single blanks within string.
strnins(3pub) Insert prefix of a string at the beginning of another string.
stroverlap(3pub) Check whether two strings overlap.
strrev(3pub) Reverse a string in place.
strright(3pub) Return a pointer to the beginning of the rightmost n chars in a string.
strrot13(3pub) Encrypt or decrypt string using rot13.
strrstr(3pub) Locate last occurrence of substring.
strrtrim(3pub) Remove trailing whitespace.
strset(3pub) Set all characters in a string to a given character.
strshuffle(3pub) Make the characters in a string be in random order.
strsplit(3pub) Split string into words.
strsub(3pub) Substitute first occurrence of pattern with another string.
strtabify(3pub) Convert runs of spaces and tabs to tabs.
strtrexpand(3pub) Expand tr-like notation in string.
strtrim(3pub) Remove leading and trailing whitespace.
struncstr(3pub) Convert printable C string notation to a memory block.
struntabify(3pub) Convert tabs to spaces.
strvars(3pub) Expand variables in string.
strzap(3pub) Remove pattern from beginning of string, if it is there.
xfclose(3pub) ↣ files(3pub) File manipulation utilities.
xfopen(3pub) ↣ files(3pub) File manipulation utilities.
xfree(3pub) ↣ xmalloc(3pub) Memory allocation functions for Publib.
xfseek(3pub) ↣ files(3pub) File manipulation utilities.
xgetaline(3pub) ↣ files(3pub) File manipulation utilities.
xmalloc(3pub) Memory allocation functions for Publib.
xmemdup(3pub) ↣ xmalloc(3pub) Memory allocation functions for Publib.
xrealloc(3pub) ↣ xmalloc(3pub) Memory allocation functions for Publib.
xstrdup(3pub) ↣ xmalloc(3pub) Memory allocation functions for Publib.
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