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Scope: CAO-VLSI Reference Manual.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
abl(1) Prefixed representation for boolean functions.
alliance-log(3) Logical representations for boolean functions and utilities.
asimut(1) A simulation tool for hardware descriptions.
beh(3) Generic behavioural data structures.
boog(1) Binding and Optimizing On Gates.
boom(1) BOOlean Minimization.
fmi(1) FSM state miminization.
fsp(1) Formal proof between two FSM descriptions.
l2p(1) Creates a PostScript file from a symbolic layout file,or from a physical layout file.
lax(5) Parameter file for logic synthesis.
libpat(3) Generic pattern data structure.
log(1) Logical representations for boolean functions and utilities.
loon(1) Local optimizations of Nets.
mbk(3) Generic layout ,netlist and utility data structures.
moka(1) Model checker ancestor.
pat(5) Pattern description format.
proof(1) Formal proof between two behavioural descriptions.
scapin(1) Scan path insertion.
sxlib(5) A portable CMOS Standard Cell Library.
syf(1) Finite State Machine synthesizer.
vasy(1) VHDL Analyzer for Synthesis.
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