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lxc(1) Command line client for LXD.
lxc.alias(1) Manage command aliases.
lxc.alias.add(1) Add new aliases.
lxc.alias.list(1) List aliases.
lxc.alias.remove(1) Remove aliases.
lxc.alias.rename(1) Rename aliases.
lxc.cluster(1) Manage cluster members.
lxc.cluster.enable(1) Enable clustering on a single non-clustered LXD instance.
lxc.cluster.list(1) List all the cluster members.
lxc.cluster.remove(1) Remove a member from the cluster.
lxc.cluster.rename(1) Rename a cluster member. Show details of a cluster member.
lxc.config(1) Manage container and server configuration options.
lxc.config.device(1) Manage container devices.
lxc.config.device.add(1) Add devices to containers or profiles.
lxc.config.device.get(1) Get values for container device configuration keys.
lxc.config.device.list(1) List container devices.
lxc.config.device.override(1) Copy profile inherited devices and override configuration keys.
lxc.config.device.remove(1) Remove container devices.
lxc.config.device.set(1) Set container device configuration keys. Show full device configuration for containers or profiles.
lxc.config.device.unset(1) Unset container device configuration keys.
lxc.config.edit(1) Edit container or server configurations as YAML.
lxc.config.get(1) Get values for container or server configuration keys.
lxc.config.metadata(1) Manage container metadata files.
lxc.config.metadata.edit(1) Edit container metadata files. Show container metadata files.
lxc.config.set(1) Set container or server configuration keys. Show container or server configurations.
lxc.config.template(1) Manage container file templates.
lxc.config.template.create(1) Create new container file templates.
lxc.config.template.delete(1) Delete container file templates.
lxc.config.template.edit(1) Edit container file templates.
lxc.config.template.list(1) List container file templates. Show content of container file templates. Manage trusted clients. Add new trusted clients. List trusted clients. Remove trusted clients.
lxc.config.unset(1) Unset container or server configuration keys.
lxc.console(1) Attach to container consoles.
lxc.copy(1) Copy containers within or in between LXD instances.
lxc.delete(1) Delete containers and snapshots.
lxc.exec(1) Execute commands in containers.
lxc.file(1) Manage files in containers.
lxc.file.delete(1) Delete files in containers.
lxc.file.edit(1) Edit files in containers.
lxc.file.pull(1) Pull files from containers.
lxc.file.push(1) Push files into containers.
lxc.image(1) Manage images.
lxc.image.alias(1) Manage image aliases.
lxc.image.alias.create(1) Create aliases for existing images.
lxc.image.alias.delete(1) Delete image aliases.
lxc.image.alias.list(1) List image aliases.
lxc.image.alias.rename(1) Rename aliases.
lxc.image.copy(1) Copy images between servers.
lxc.image.delete(1) Delete images.
lxc.image.edit(1) Edit image properties.
lxc.image.export(1) Export and download images.
lxc.image.import(1) Import images into the image store. Show useful information about images.
lxc.image.list(1) List images.
lxc.image.refresh(1) Refresh images. Show image properties. Show container or server information.
lxc.launch(1) Create and start containers from images.
lxc.list(1) List containers.
lxc.move(1) Move containers within or in between LXD instances. Manage and attach containers to networks. Attach network interfaces to containers. Attach network interfaces to profiles. Create new networks. Delete networks. Detach network interfaces from containers. Detach network interfaces from profiles. Edit network configurations as YAML. Get values for network configuration keys. List available networks. List DHCP leases. Rename networks. Set network configuration keys. Show network configurations. Unset network configuration keys.
lxc.operation(1) List, show and delete background operations.
lxc.operation.delete(1) Delete a background operation (will attempt to cancel).
lxc.operation.list(1) List background operations. Show details on a background operation.
lxc.profile(1) Manage profiles.
lxc.profile.add(1) Add profiles to containers.
lxc.profile.assign(1) Assign sets of profiles to containers.
lxc.profile.copy(1) Copy profiles.
lxc.profile.create(1) Create profiles.
lxc.profile.delete(1) Delete profiles.
lxc.profile.device(1) Manage container devices.
lxc.profile.device.add(1) Add devices to containers or profiles.
lxc.profile.device.get(1) Get values for container device configuration keys.
lxc.profile.device.list(1) List container devices.
lxc.profile.device.remove(1) Remove container devices.
lxc.profile.device.set(1) Set container device configuration keys. Show full device configuration for containers or profiles.
lxc.profile.device.unset(1) Unset container device configuration keys.
lxc.profile.edit(1) Edit profile configurations as YAML.
lxc.profile.get(1) Get values for profile configuration keys.
lxc.profile.list(1) List profiles.
lxc.profile.remove(1) Remove profiles from containers.
lxc.profile.rename(1) Rename profiles.
lxc.profile.set(1) Set profile configuration keys. Show profile configurations.
lxc.profile.unset(1) Unset profile configuration keys.
lxc.publish(1) Publish containers as images.
lxc.remote(1) Manage the list of remote servers.
lxc.remote.add(1) Add new remote servers.
lxc.remote.get-default(1) Show the default remote.
lxc.remote.list(1) List the available remotes.
lxc.remote.remove(1) Remove remotes.
lxc.remote.rename(1) Rename remotes.
lxc.remote.set-default(1) Set the default remote.
lxc.remote.set-url(1) Set the URL for the remote.
lxc.rename(1) Rename containers and snapshots.
lxc.restart(1) Restart containers.
lxc.restore(1) Restore containers from snapshots.
lxc.snapshot(1) Create container snapshots.
lxc.start(1) Start containers.
lxc.stop(1) Stop containers. Manage storage pools and volumes. Create storage pools. Delete storage pools. Edit storage pool configurations as YAML. Get values for storage pool configuration keys. Show useful information about storage pools. List available storage pools. Set storage pool configuration keys. Show storage pool configurations and resources. Unset storage pool configuration keys. Manage storage volumes. Attach new storage volumes to containers. Attach new storage volumes to profiles. Copy storage volumes. Create new custom storage volumes. Delete storage volumes. Detach storage volumes from containers. Detach storage volumes from profiles. Edit storage volume configurations as YAML. Get values for storage volume configuration keys. List storage volumes. Move storage volumes between pools. Rename storage volumes. Set storage volume configuration keys. Show storage volum configurations. Unset storage volume configuration keys.
lxc.version(1) Show local and remote versions.
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