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Scope: Crossroads I/O Manual.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
xs(7) Crossroads I/O, a lightweight messaging layer.
xs_bind(3) Accept connections on a socket.
xs_close(3) Close Crossroads socket.
xs_connect(3) Connect a socket.
xs_errno(3) Retrieve value of errno for the calling thread.
xs_getmsgopt(3) Retrieve message option.
xs_getsockopt(3) Get Crossroads socket option.
xs_init(3) Initialise Crossroads context.
xs_inproc(7) Local in-process (inter-thread) transport.
xs_ipc(7) Local inter-process transport.
xs_msg_close(3) Release Crossroads message.
xs_msg_copy(3) Copy content of a message to another message.
xs_msg_data(3) Retrieve pointer to message content.
xs_msg_init(3) Initialise empty Crossroads message.
xs_msg_init_data(3) Initialise Crossroads message from a supplied buffer.
xs_msg_init_size(3) Initialise Crossroads message of a specified size.
xs_msg_move(3) Move content of a message to another message.
xs_msg_size(3) Retrieve message content size in bytes.
xs_pgm(7) Reliable multicast transport via PGM protocol.
xs_poll(3) Input/output multiplexing.
xs_recv(3) Receive a message part from a socket.
xs_recvmsg(3) Receive a message part from a socket (zero-copy).
xs_send(3) Send a message part on a socket.
xs_sendmsg(3) Send a message part on a socket (zero-copy).
xs_setctxopt(3) Set Crossroads context options.
xs_setsockopt(3) Set Crossroads socket options.
xs_shutdown(3) Shut down part of the socket.
xs_socket(3) Create Crossroads socket.
xs_strerror(3) Get error message string.
xs_tcp(7) Crossroads unicast transport using TCP.
xs_term(3) Terminate the context.
xs_version(3) Report Crossroads library version.
xs_zmq(7) Crossroads I/O ZeroMQ compatibility library.
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