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Scope: curl_easy_setopt options.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
CURLOPT_ABSTRACT_UNIX_SOCKET(3) Set an abstract Unix domain socket.
CURLOPT_ACCEPT_ENCODING(3) Enables automatic decompression of HTTP downloads.
CURLOPT_ACCEPTTIMEOUT_MS(3) Timeout waiting for FTP server to connect back.
CURLOPT_ADDRESS_SCOPE(3) Set scope for local IPv6 addresses.
CURLOPT_APPEND(3) Enable appending to the remote file.
CURLOPT_AUTOREFERER(3) Automatically update the referer header.
CURLOPT_BUFFERSIZE(3) Set preferred receive buffer size.
CURLOPT_CAINFO(3) Path to Certificate Authority (CA) bundle.
CURLOPT_CAPATH(3) Specify directory holding CA certificates.
CURLOPT_CERTINFO(3) Request SSL certificate information.
CURLOPT_CHUNK_BGN_FUNCTION(3) Callback before a transfer with FTP wildcardmatch.
CURLOPT_CHUNK_DATA(3) Custom pointer to the FTP chunk callbacks.
CURLOPT_CHUNK_END_FUNCTION(3) Callback after a transfer with FTP wildcardmatch.
CURLOPT_CLOSESOCKETDATA(3) Pointer passed to the socket close callback.
CURLOPT_CLOSESOCKETFUNCTION(3) Callback to socket close replacement function.
CURLOPT_CONNECT_ONLY(3) Stop when connected to target server.
CURLOPT_CONNECT_TO(3) Connect to a specific host and port instead of the URL's host and port.
CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT(3) Timeout for the connect phase.
CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT_MS(3) Timeout for the connect phase.
CURLOPT_CONV_FROM_NETWORK_FUNCTION(3) Convert data from network to host encoding.
CURLOPT_CONV_FROM_UTF8_FUNCTION(3) Convert data from UTF8 to host encoding.
CURLOPT_CONV_TO_NETWORK_FUNCTION(3) Convert data to network from host encoding.
CURLOPT_COOKIE(3) Set contents of HTTP Cookie header.
CURLOPT_COOKIEFILE(3) File name to read cookies from.
CURLOPT_COOKIEJAR(3) File name to store cookies to.
CURLOPT_COOKIELIST(3) Add to or manipulate cookies held in memory.
CURLOPT_COOKIESESSION(3) Start a new cookie session.
CURLOPT_COPYPOSTFIELDS(3) Have libcurl copy data to POST.
CURLOPT_CRLF(3) Enable/disable CRLF conversion.
CURLOPT_CRLFILE(3) Specify a Certificate Revocation List file.
CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST(3) Custom string for request.
CURLOPT_DEBUGDATA(3) Custom pointer for debug callback.
CURLOPT_DEFAULT_PROTOCOL(3) Default protocol to use if the URL is missing a scheme name.
CURLOPT_DIRLISTONLY(3) Ask for names only in a directory listing.
CURLOPT_DNS_CACHE_TIMEOUT(3) Set life-time for DNS cache entries.
CURLOPT_DNS_INTERFACE(3) Set interface to speak DNS over.
CURLOPT_DNS_LOCAL_IP4(3) IPv4 address to bind DNS resolves to.
CURLOPT_DNS_LOCAL_IP6(3) IPv6 address to bind DNS resolves to.
CURLOPT_DNS_SERVERS(3) Set preferred DNS servers.
CURLOPT_DNS_USE_GLOBAL_CACHE(3) Enable/disable global DNS cache.
CURLOPT_EGDSOCKET(3) Set EGD socket path.
CURLOPT_ERRORBUFFER(3) Set error buffer for error messages.
CURLOPT_EXPECT_100_TIMEOUT_MS(3) Timeout for Expect: 100-continue response.
CURLOPT_FAILONERROR(3) Request failure on HTTP response >= 400.
CURLOPT_FILETIME(3) Get the modification time of the remote resource.
CURLOPT_FNMATCH_DATA(3) Custom pointer to fnmatch callback.
CURLOPT_FNMATCH_FUNCTION(3) Wildcard matching function callback.
CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION(3) Follow HTTP 3xx redirects.
CURLOPT_FORBID_REUSE(3) Make connection get closed at once after use.
CURLOPT_FRESH_CONNECT(3) Force a new connection to be used.
CURLOPT_FTP_ACCOUNT(3) Set account info for FTP.
CURLOPT_FTP_ALTERNATIVE_TO_USER(3) Command to use instead of USER with FTP.
CURLOPT_FTP_CREATE_MISSING_DIRS(3) Create missing dirs for FTP and SFTP.
CURLOPT_FTP_FILEMETHOD(3) Select directory traversing method for FTP.
CURLOPT_FTP_RESPONSE_TIMEOUT(3) Time allowed to wait for FTP response.
CURLOPT_FTP_SKIP_PASV_IP(3) Ignore the IP address in the PASV response.
CURLOPT_FTP_SSL_CCC(3) Switch off SSL again with FTP after auth.
CURLOPT_FTP_USE_EPRT(3) Enable/disable use of EPRT with FTP.
CURLOPT_FTP_USE_EPSV(3) Enable/disable use of EPSV.
CURLOPT_FTP_USE_PRET(3) Enable the PRET command.
CURLOPT_FTPPORT(3) Make FTP transfer active.
CURLOPT_FTPSSLAUTH(3) Set order in which to attempt TLS vs SSL when using FTP.
CURLOPT_GSSAPI_DELEGATION(3) Set allowed GSS-API delegation.
CURLOPT_HEADER(3) Pass headers to the data stream.
CURLOPT_HEADERDATA(3) Pointer to pass to header callback.
CURLOPT_HEADERFUNCTION(3) Callback that receives header data.
CURLOPT_HEADEROPT(3) Set how to send HTTP headers.
CURLOPT_HTTP200ALIASES(3) Specify alternative matches for HTTP 200 OK.
CURLOPT_HTTP_CONTENT_DECODING(3) Enable/disable HTTP content decoding.
CURLOPT_HTTP_TRANSFER_DECODING(3) Enable/disable HTTP transfer decoding.
CURLOPT_HTTP_VERSION(3) Specify HTTP protocol version to use.
CURLOPT_HTTPAUTH(3) Set HTTP server authentication methods to try.
CURLOPT_HTTPGET(3) Ask for a HTTP GET request.
CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER(3) Set custom HTTP headers.
CURLOPT_HTTPPOST(3) Specify the multipart formpost content.
CURLOPT_IGNORE_CONTENT_LENGTH(3) Ignore content length.
CURLOPT_INFILESIZE(3) Set size of the input file to send off.
CURLOPT_INFILESIZE_LARGE(3) Set size of the input file to send off.
CURLOPT_INTERFACE(3) Source interface for outgoing traffic.
CURLOPT_INTERLEAVEDATA(3) Custom pointer passed to RTSP interleave callback.
CURLOPT_INTERLEAVEFUNCTION(3) Callback function for RTSP interleaved data.
CURLOPT_IOCTLDATA(3) Custom pointer passed to I/O callback.
CURLOPT_IOCTLFUNCTION(3) Callback for I/O operations.
CURLOPT_IPRESOLVE(3) Specify which IP protocol version to use.
CURLOPT_ISSUERCERT(3) Issuer SSL certificate filename.
CURLOPT_KEEP_SENDING_ON_ERROR(3) Keep sending on early HTTP response >= 300.
CURLOPT_KEYPASSWD(3) Set passphrase to private key.
CURLOPT_KRBLEVEL(3) Set FTP kerberos security level.
CURLOPT_LOCALPORT(3) Set local port number to use for socket.
CURLOPT_LOCALPORTRANGE(3) Number of additional local ports to try.
CURLOPT_LOGIN_OPTIONS(3) Set login options.
CURLOPT_LOW_SPEED_LIMIT(3) Set low speed limit in bytes per second.
CURLOPT_LOW_SPEED_TIME(3) Set low speed limit time period.
CURLOPT_MAIL_AUTH(3) SMTP authentication address.
CURLOPT_MAIL_FROM(3) SMTP sender address.
CURLOPT_MAIL_RCPT(3) List of SMTP mail recipients.
CURLOPT_MAX_RECV_SPEED_LARGE(3) Rate limit data download speed.
CURLOPT_MAX_SEND_SPEED_LARGE(3) Rate limit data upload speed.
CURLOPT_MAXCONNECTS(3) Maximum connection cache size.
CURLOPT_MAXFILESIZE(3) Maximum file size allowed to download.
CURLOPT_MAXFILESIZE_LARGE(3) Maximum file size allowed to download.
CURLOPT_MAXREDIRS(3) Maximum number of redirects allowed.
CURLOPT_MIMEPOST(3) Set post/send data from mime structure.
CURLOPT_NETRC(3) Request that .netrc is used.
CURLOPT_NETRC_FILE(3) File name to read .netrc info from.
CURLOPT_NEW_DIRECTORY_PERMS(3) Permissions for remotely created directories.
CURLOPT_NEW_FILE_PERMS(3) Permissions for remotely created files.
CURLOPT_NOBODY(3) Do the download request without getting the body.
CURLOPT_NOPROGRESS(3) Switch off the progress meter.
CURLOPT_NOPROXY(3) Disable proxy use for specific hosts.
CURLOPT_NOSIGNAL(3) Skip all signal handling.
CURLOPT_OPENSOCKETDATA(3) Custom pointer passed to open socket callback.
CURLOPT_OPENSOCKETFUNCTION(3) Set callback for opening sockets.
CURLOPT_PASSWORD(3) Password to use in authentication.
CURLOPT_PATH_AS_IS(3) Do not handle dot dot sequences.
CURLOPT_PINNEDPUBLICKEY(3) Set pinned public key.
CURLOPT_PIPEWAIT(3) Wait for pipelining/multiplexing.
CURLOPT_PORT(3) Set remote port number to work with.
CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS(3) Specify data to POST to server.
CURLOPT_POSTFIELDSIZE(3) Size of POST data pointed to.
CURLOPT_POSTFIELDSIZE_LARGE(3) Size of POST data pointed to.
CURLOPT_POSTQUOTE(3) (S)FTP commands to run after the transfer.
CURLOPT_POSTREDIR(3) How to act on a HTTP POST redirect.
CURLOPT_PRE_PROXY(3) Set pre-proxy to use.
CURLOPT_PREQUOTE(3) Commands to run before an FTP transfer.
CURLOPT_PRIVATE(3) Store a private pointer.
CURLOPT_PROGRESSDATA(3) Custom pointer passed to the progress callback.
CURLOPT_PROGRESSFUNCTION(3) Callback to progress meter function.
CURLOPT_PROTOCOLS(3) Set allowed protocols.
CURLOPT_PROXY(3) Set proxy to use.
CURLOPT_PROXY_CAINFO(3) Path to proxy Certificate Authority (CA) bundle.
CURLOPT_PROXY_CAPATH(3) Specify directory holding proxy CA certificates.
CURLOPT_PROXY_CRLFILE(3) Specify a proxy Certificate Revocation List file.
CURLOPT_PROXY_KEYPASSWD(3) Set passphrase to proxy private key.
CURLOPT_PROXY_PINNEDPUBLICKEY(3) Set pinned public key for https proxy.
CURLOPT_PROXY_SERVICE_NAME(3) Proxy authentication service name.
CURLOPT_PROXY_SSL_CIPHER_LIST(3) Specify ciphers to use for proxy TLS.
CURLOPT_PROXY_SSL_OPTIONS(3) Set proxy SSL behavior options.
CURLOPT_PROXY_SSL_VERIFYHOST(3) Verify the proxy certificate's name against host.
CURLOPT_PROXY_SSL_VERIFYPEER(3) Verify the proxy's SSL certificate.
CURLOPT_PROXY_SSLCERT(3) Set SSL proxy client certificate.
CURLOPT_PROXY_SSLCERTTYPE(3) Specify type of the proxy client SSL certificate.
CURLOPT_PROXY_SSLKEY(3) Specify private keyfile for TLS and SSL proxy client cert.
CURLOPT_PROXY_SSLKEYTYPE(3) Set type of the proxy private key file.
CURLOPT_PROXY_SSLVERSION(3) Set preferred proxy TLS/SSL version.
CURLOPT_PROXY_TLSAUTH_PASSWORD(3) Password to use for proxy TLS authentication.
CURLOPT_PROXY_TLSAUTH_TYPE(3) Set proxy TLS authentication methods.
CURLOPT_PROXY_TLSAUTH_USERNAME(3) User name to use for proxy TLS authentication.
CURLOPT_PROXY_TRANSFER_MODE(3) Append FTP transfer mode to URL for proxy.
CURLOPT_PROXYAUTH(3) Set HTTP proxy authentication methods to try.
CURLOPT_PROXYHEADER(3) Custom HTTP headers to pass to proxy.
CURLOPT_PROXYPASSWORD(3) Password to use with proxy authentication.
CURLOPT_PROXYPORT(3) Port number the proxy listens on.
CURLOPT_PROXYTYPE(3) Proxy protocol type.
CURLOPT_PROXYUSERNAME(3) User name to use for proxy authentication.
CURLOPT_PROXYUSERPWD(3) User name and password to use for proxy authentication.
CURLOPT_PUT(3) Make a HTTP PUT request.
CURLOPT_QUOTE(3) (S)FTP commands to run before transfer.
CURLOPT_RANDOM_FILE(3) Specify a source for random data.
CURLOPT_RANGE(3) Set byte range to request.
CURLOPT_READDATA(3) Custom pointer passed to the read callback.
CURLOPT_READFUNCTION(3) Read callback for data uploads.
CURLOPT_REDIR_PROTOCOLS(3) Set protocols allowed to redirect to.
CURLOPT_REFERER(3) Set the HTTP referer header.
CURLOPT_REQUEST_TARGET(3) Specify an alternative target for this request.
CURLOPT_RESOLVE(3) Provide custom host name to IP address resolves.
CURLOPT_RESUME_FROM(3) Set a point to resume transfer from.
CURLOPT_RESUME_FROM_LARGE(3) Set a point to resume transfer from.
CURLOPT_RTSP_CLIENT_CSEQ(3) Set the RTSP client CSEQ number.
CURLOPT_RTSP_SERVER_CSEQ(3) Set the RTSP server CSEQ number.
CURLOPT_RTSP_TRANSPORT(3) Set RTSP Transport: header.
CURLOPT_SASL_IR(3) Enable sending initial response in first packet.
CURLOPT_SEEKDATA(3) Custom pointer passed to the seek callback.
CURLOPT_SEEKFUNCTION(3) User callback for seeking in input stream.
CURLOPT_SERVICE_NAME(3) Authentication service name.
CURLOPT_SHARE(3) Specify share handle to use.
CURLOPT_SOCKOPTDATA(3) Custom pointer to pass to sockopt callback.
CURLOPT_SOCKOPTFUNCTION(3) Set callback for setting socket options.
CURLOPT_SOCKS5_AUTH(3) Set allowed methods for SOCKS5 proxy authentication.
CURLOPT_SOCKS5_GSSAPI_NEC(3) Set socks proxy gssapi negotiation protection.
CURLOPT_SOCKS5_GSSAPI_SERVICE(3) SOCKS5 proxy authentication service name.
CURLOPT_SSH_AUTH_TYPES(3) Set desired auth types for SFTP and SCP.
CURLOPT_SSH_COMPRESSION(3) Enables automatic decompression of HTTP downloads.
CURLOPT_SSH_HOST_PUBLIC_KEY_MD5(3) Checksum of SSH server public key.
CURLOPT_SSH_KEYDATA(3) Pointer to pass to the SSH key callback.
CURLOPT_SSH_KEYFUNCTION(3) Callback for known host matching logic.
CURLOPT_SSH_KNOWNHOSTS(3) File name holding the SSH known hosts.
CURLOPT_SSH_PRIVATE_KEYFILE(3) Set private key file for SSH auth.
CURLOPT_SSH_PUBLIC_KEYFILE(3) Set public key file for SSH auth.
CURLOPT_SSL_CIPHER_LIST(3) Specify ciphers to use for TLS.
CURLOPT_SSL_CTX_DATA(3) Custom pointer passed to ssl_ctx callback.
CURLOPT_SSL_CTX_FUNCTION(3) SSL context callback for OpenSSL, wolfSSL/CyaSSL or mbedTLS.
CURLOPT_SSL_FALSESTART(3) Enable TLS false start.
CURLOPT_SSL_OPTIONS(3) Set SSL behavior options.
CURLOPT_SSL_SESSIONID_CACHE(3) Enable/disable use of the SSL session-ID cache.
CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST(3) Verify the certificate's name against host.
CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER(3) Verify the peer's SSL certificate.
CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYSTATUS(3) Verify the certificate's status.
CURLOPT_SSLCERT(3) Set SSL client certificate.
CURLOPT_SSLCERTTYPE(3) Specify type of the client SSL certificate.
CURLOPT_SSLENGINE(3) Set SSL engine identifier.
CURLOPT_SSLKEY(3) Specify private keyfile for TLS and SSL client cert.
CURLOPT_SSLKEYTYPE(3) Set type of the private key file.
CURLOPT_SSLVERSION(3) Set preferred TLS/SSL version.
CURLOPT_STDERR(3) Redirect stderr to another stream.
CURLOPT_STREAM_DEPENDS(3) Set stream this transfer depends on.
CURLOPT_STREAM_DEPENDS_E(3) Set stream this transfer depends on execlusively.
CURLOPT_STREAM_WEIGHT(3) Set numerical stream weight.
CURLOPT_SUPPRESS_CONNECT_HEADERS(3) Suppress proxy CONNECT response headers from user callbacks.
CURLOPT_TCP_KEEPALIVE(3) Enable TCP keep-alive probing.
CURLOPT_TCP_KEEPIDLE(3) Set TCP keep-alive idle time wait.
CURLOPT_TCP_KEEPINTVL(3) Set TCP keep-alive interval.
CURLOPT_TELNETOPTIONS(3) Custom telnet options.
CURLOPT_TFTP_NO_OPTIONS(3) Do not send TFTP options requests.
CURLOPT_TIMECONDITION(3) Select condition for a time request.
CURLOPT_TIMEOUT(3) Set maximum time the request is allowed to take.
CURLOPT_TIMEOUT_MS(3) Set maximum time the request is allowed to take.
CURLOPT_TIMEVALUE(3) Set time value for conditional.
CURLOPT_TLSAUTH_PASSWORD(3) Password to use for TLS authentication.
CURLOPT_TLSAUTH_TYPE(3) Set TLS authentication methods.
CURLOPT_TLSAUTH_USERNAME(3) User name to use for TLS authentication.
CURLOPT_TRANSFER_ENCODING(3) Ask for HTTP Transfer Encoding.
CURLOPT_TRANSFERTEXT(3) Request a text based transfer for FTP.
CURLOPT_UNIX_SOCKET_PATH(3) Set Unix domain socket.
CURLOPT_UNRESTRICTED_AUTH(3) Send credentials to other hosts too.
CURLOPT_UPLOAD(3) Enable data upload.
CURLOPT_URL(3) Provide the URL to use in the request.
CURLOPT_USE_SSL(3) Request using SSL / TLS for the transfer.
CURLOPT_USERAGENT(3) Set HTTP user-agent header.
CURLOPT_USERNAME(3) User name to use in authentication.
CURLOPT_USERPWD(3) User name and password to use in authentication.
CURLOPT_VERBOSE(3) Set verbose mode on/off.
CURLOPT_WILDCARDMATCH(3) Enable directory wildcard transfers.
CURLOPT_WRITEDATA(3) Custom pointer passed to the write callback.
CURLOPT_WRITEFUNCTION(3) Set callback for writing received data.
CURLOPT_XFERINFODATA(3) Custom pointer passed to the progress callback.
CURLOPT_XFERINFOFUNCTION(3) Callback to progress meter function.
CURLOPT_XOAUTH2_BEARER(3) Specify OAuth 2.0 access token.
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