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Scope: CZMQ Manual.

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czmq(7) Overview of The high-level C binding for 0MQ.
zactor(3) Class for simple actor framework.
zargs(3) Class for Platform independent command line argument parsing helpers.
zarmour(3) Class for armoured text encoding and decoding.
zauth(3) Class for authentication for ZeroMQ security mechanisms.
zbeacon(3) Class for LAN discovery and presence.
zcert(3) Class for work with CURVE security certificates.
zcertstore(3) Class for work with CURVE security certificate stores.
zchunk(3) Class for work with memory chunks.
zclock(3) Class for millisecond clocks and delays.
zconfig(3) Class for work with config files written in
zdigest(3) Class for provides hashing functions (SHA-1 at present).
zdir(3) Class for work with file-system directories.
zdir_patch(3) Class for work with directory patches.
zfile(3) Class for provides methods to work with files in a portable fashion.
zframe(3) Class for working with single message frames.
zgossip(3) Class for decentralized configuration management.
zhash(3) Class for simple generic hash container.
zhashx(3) Class for extended generic hash container.
ziflist(3) Class for list of network interfaces available on system.
zlist(3) Class for simple generic list container.
zlistx(3) Class for extended generic list container.
zloop(3) Class for event-driven reactor.
zmonitor(3) Class for socket event monitor.
zmsg(3) Class for working with multipart messages.
zpoller(3) Class for trivial socket poller class.
zproc(3) Class for process configuration and status.
zproxy(3) Class for run a steerable proxy in the background.
zrex(3) Class for work with regular expressions.
zsock(3) Class for high-level socket API that hides libzmq contexts and sockets.
zstr(3) Class for sending and receiving strings.
zsys(3) Class for system-level methods.
ztimerset(3) Class for timer set.
ztrie(3) Class for simple trie for tokenizable strings.
zuuid(3) Class for UUID support class.
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