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Scope: DACS Commands Manual.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
dacs(1) A distributed access control system.
dacsacl(1) List, check, or re-index access control rules.
dacsauth(1) Authentication check.
dacscheck(1) Authorization check.
dacsconf(1) Display configuration directives.
dacscookie(1) Create DACS credentials and emit as a cookie.
dacscred(1) Acquire and manage DACS credentials.
dacsemail(1) Simple outgoing email agent.
dacsexpr(1) DACS expression language shell and interpreter.
dacsgrid(1) Administer grid-based one-time passwords.
dacshttp(1) Perform an HTTP/HTTPS request.
dacsinfocard(1) Manage InfoCard accounts.
dacsinit(1) Configure a minimal DACS federation interactively.
dacskey(1) Generate encryption keys for DACS.
dacslist(1) List jurisdictions.
dacspasswd(1) Manage DACS accounts.
dacsrlink(1) Create and administer rule links.
dacssched(1) Rule-based command scheduling.
dacstoken(1) Administer hash-based one-time passwords.
dacstransform(1) Rule-based document transformation.
dacsversion(1) Display version information.
dacsvfs(1) Access objects through the DACS virtual filestore.
sslclient(1) An SSL/TLS client.
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