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Scope: DACS Web Services Manual.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
autologin(8) Convert an Apache identity to a DACS identity.
cgiparse(8) CGI parameter parsing utility. DACS web services.
dacs_acs(8) DACS access control service.
dacs_admin(8) DACS administration service.
dacs_auth_agent(8) DACS delegated authentication service.
dacs_auth_transfer(8) Transfer credentials between federations.
dacs_authenticate(8) DACS authentication service.
dacs_autologin_ssl(8) Use an SSL client certificate to automatically obtain DACS credentials.
dacs_conf(8) Display DACS configuration directives.
dacs_current_credentials(8) Display DACS credentials.
dacs_error(8) Simple error handling utility for DACS.
dacs_group(8) DACS group administration.
dacs_infocard(8) Information Card administration.
dacs_list_jurisdictions(8) Display information about DACS jurisdictions.
dacs_managed_infocard(8) Create a managed Information Card.
dacs_mex(8) WS-MetadataExchange responder for Information Cards.
dacs_notices(8) DACS notice presentation and acknowledgement handler.
dacs_passwd(8) Manage private DACS passwords.
dacs_prenv(8) CGI program that displays its environment.
dacs_select_credentials(8) Temporarily disable DACS credentials.
dacs_signout(8) DACS signout service.
dacs_sts(8) Secure Token Service for managed Information Cards.
dacs_token(8) Manage DACS one-time password token accounts.
dacs_transform(8) Rule-based document transformation.
dacs_uproxy(8) Minimal HTTP proxying.
dacs_version(8) Display DACS version information.
dacs_vfs(8) Access objects through the DACS virtual filestore.
pamd(8) PAM transaction server.
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