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Scope: Epgsearch Version 2.3.1.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
createcats(1) Helps you creating your own epgsearchcats.conf.
epgsearch(1) Searchtimer and replacement of the VDR program menu.
epgsearch(4) Searchtimer and replacement of the VDR program menu.
epgsearchblacklists.conf(5) Blacklist.
epgsearchchangrps.conf(5) Channel groups.
epgsearchcmds.conf(5) EPG Commands.
epgsearchdirs.conf(5) List of directories for selecting in epgsearch.
epgsearchmenu.conf(5) Customizing the EPG menus.
epgsearchswitchtimers.conf(5) The list of switchtimer.
epgsearchtemplates.conf(5) Searchtimer templates.
epgsearchuservars.conf(5) User defined variables.
noannounce.conf(5) List of events that have been marked to not be announced via OSD.
timersdone.conf(5) List of current timers created by search timers.
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