Manual pages

Scope: File Formats Manual.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
abookrc(5) Configuration file for abook address book program.
access(5) Postfix SMTP server access table.
addresses(5) Formats for Internet mail addresses.
adduser.conf(5) Configuration file for adduser(8) and addgroup(8).
aewan(5) File format documentation.
alerts.cfg(5) Configuration for for xymond_alert module.
aliases(5) Postfix local alias database format.
aliases.sendmail(5) Aliases file for sendmail.
amd.conf(5) Amd configuration file.
analysis.cfg(5) Configuration file for the xymond_client module.
approx.conf(5) Configuration file for approx proxy server.
argus.conf(5) Argus resource file.
asmailrc(5) The asmail resource file.
atoprc(5) Atop/atopsar related rcfile.
attr(5) Extended attributes.
auto.master(5) Master Map for automounter.
autofs(5) Format of the automounter maps.
autofs_ldap_auth.conf(5) Autofs LDAP authentication configuration.
avahi-daemon.conf(5) Avahi-daemon configuration file.
avahi.hosts(5) Avahi-daemon static host name file.
avahi.service(5) Avahi-daemon static service file.
avgrc(5) Avg configuration file.
bandwidthd.conf(5) Configuration file for bandwidthd.
battery-stats(5) Collected battery statistics.
bip.conf(5) Configuration file for BIP IRC Proxy.
bitlbee.conf(5) Configuration file for bitlbee(8).
bitz-server.conf(5) Bitz-server configuration file.
bld.conf(5) Configuration file for BLD.
bld_acl.conf(5) Access lists for BLD.
bld_whitelist.conf(5) White lists for BLD.
bntext(5) Messages for the Unix daemon.
bounce(5) Postfix bounce message template format.
build.xml(5) Configuration file used by Apache Ant to build projects.
bwctld.conf(5) Bandwidth Control daemon configuration file.
bwctld.keys(5) Bandwidth Control Daemon AES keyfile database.
bwctld.limits(5) Bandwidth Control daemon policy configuration file.
bwctlrc(5) Bandwidth Control configuration file.
canonical(5) Postfix canonical table format.
cdb(5) Constant DataBase file format.
certmonger.conf(5) Configuration file for certmonger.
cgconfig.conf(5) Libcgroup configuration file.
cgioptions.cfg(5) Command-line parameters for the Xymon CGI tools.
chocolate-doom.cfg(5) Chocolate Doom configuration file.
chocolate-heretic.cfg(5) Chocolate Doom configuration file.
chocolate-hexen.cfg(5) Chocolate Doom configuration file.
chocolate-strife.cfg(5) Chocolate Doom configuration file.
cidr_table(5) Format of Postfix CIDR tables.
cliapp(5) Config file and option conventions for Python command line framework.
client-local.cfg(5) Local configuration settings for Xymon clients.
clientlaunch.cfg(5) Task definitions for the xymonlaunch utility.
cloginrc(5) Clogin configuration file.
cmap(5) Format of .cmap files (color maps).
combo.cfg(5) Configuration of combostatus tool.
connman-service.config(5) ConnMan service provisioning file.
connman-vpn-provider.config(5) ConnMan vpn connection provisioning file.
connman-vpn.conf(5) ConnMan-VPN configuration file.
connman.conf(5) ConnMan configuration file.
conntrackd.conf(5) Configuration file for conntrackd daemon.
containerd-config.toml(5) Configuration file for containerd.
cpu.conf(5) Cpu configuration file.
critical.cfg(5) Configuration of the showgraph CGI.
cvs(5) Concurrent Versions System support files.
cyrus.conf(5) Cyrus configuration file.
dante.conf(5) Socks client configuration file syntax.
danted.conf(5) Dante server configuration file syntax.
ddupdate.conf(5) Ddupdate configuration file.
debconf.conf(5) Debconf configuration file.
decnet.conf(5) DECnet hosts file.
decnet.proxy(5) DECnet proxy file.
default.cfg(5) Chocolate Doom configuration file. PulseAudio Sound Server Startup Script.
deluser.conf(5) Configuration file for deluser(8) and delgroup(8).
detect.conf(5) Provides the configuration for detection of locations for whereami. Configuration file for dhcp_probe.
dialrules(5) HylaFAX dial string processing rules.
dictionary(5) RADIUS dictionary file.
dirvish.conf(5) Dirvish configuration file.
discover-modprobe.conf(5) Configuration file for discover-modprobe(5).
discover.conf(5) Configuration file format for discover(1).
displays(5) Display Configuration File.
dlys(5) Format of .dlys files read by the SCALD simulator and timing verifier.
dnetd.conf(5) DECnet objects file.
doneq(5) HylaFAX outbound job description.
dot-obdgpslogger(5) Configuration file for obdgpslogger.
dot-qmail(5) Control the delivery of mail messages.
dstyle(5) Format of .dstyle files (display styles).
e2fsck.conf(5) Configuration file for e2fsck.
ekeyd.conf(5) Entropy key configuration.
envelopes(5) Sender/recipient lists attached to messages.
esmtprc(5) Esmtp configuration file.
etc-aliases(5) ↣ exim4-config_files(5) Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages.
etc-email-addresses(5) ↣ exim4-config_files(5) Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages.
etter.conf(5) Ettercap configuration file.
exim4-config_files(5) Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages.
exim4_exim_crt(5) ↣ exim4-config_files(5) Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages.
exim4_exim_key(5) ↣ exim4-config_files(5) Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages.
exim4_host_local_deny_exceptions(5) ↣ exim4-config_files(5) Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages.
exim4_hubbed_hosts(5) ↣ exim4-config_files(5) Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages.
exim4_local_domain_dnsbl_whitelist(5) ↣ exim4-config_files(5) Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages.
exim4_local_host_blacklist(5) ↣ exim4-config_files(5) Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages.
exim4_local_rcpt_callout(5) ↣ exim4-config_files(5) Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages.
exim4_local_sender_blacklist(5) ↣ exim4-config_files(5) Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages.
exim4_local_sender_callout(5) ↣ exim4-config_files(5) Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages.
exim4_passwd(5) ↣ exim4-config_files(5) Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages.
exim4_passwd_client(5) ↣ exim4-config_files(5) Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages.
exim4_sender_local_deny_exceptions(5) ↣ exim4-config_files(5) Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages.
exports(5) NFS server export table.
ext(5) Format of .ext files produced by Magic's hierarchical extractor.
ext2(5) ↣ ext4(5) The second extended file system.
ext3(5) ↣ ext4(5) The second extended file system.
ext4(5) The second extended file system.
fai.conf(5) FAI Configuration.
feed2imaprc(5) Feed2imap configuration file.
filter_syntax(5) Input format for filtergen packet filter compiler.
fimrc(5) Fim configuration file and language reference.
findlib.conf(5) [Configuration of findlib/ocamlfind].
first(5) Output data file format.
flexbackup.conf(5) A flexible backup/archiving tool configuration file.
forktracer.conf(5) Apt-forktracer configuration file.
fusesmb.conf(5) The configuration file for fusesmb.
gaeilge(5) Flag format for Irish Ispell dictionaries.
galileorc(5) Configuration files for the galileo Fitbit synchronization utility.
generic(5) Postfix generic table format.
genisoimagerc(5) Startup configuration file for genisoimage.
GeoIP.conf(5) Configuration file for geoipupdate.
gfs2(5) GFS2 reference guide.
gimprc(5) ↣ gimprc-2.8(5) Gimp configuration file.
gimprc-2.8(5) Gimp configuration file.
gkrellkam-list(5) Format of the list description files used by GKrellKam.
glhackrc(5) Configuration file for the glHack game.
glyphs(5) Format of .glyphs files.
gnunet.conf(5) GNUnet configuration file.
gopherrc(5) Configuration file for gopher(1).
graphs.cfg(5) Configuration of the showgraph CGI.
groff_font(5) Format of groff device and font description files.
groff_out(5) Groff intermediate output format.
groff_tmac(5) Macro files in the roff typesetting system.
gtags.conf(5) Configuration data for GNU GLOBAL.
hdup.conf(5) The hdup configuration file.
header_checks(5) Postfix built-in content inspection.
heretic.cfg(5) Chocolate Doom configuration file.
hesiod.conf(5) Configuration file for the Hesiod library.
hexen.cfg(5) Chocolate Doom configuration file.
history(5) Record of current and recently expired Usenet articles.
hosts.allow(5) ↣ hosts_access(5) Format of host access control files.
hosts.cfg(5) Main Xymon configuration file.
hosts.deny(5) ↣ hosts_access(5) Format of host access control files.
hosts.hfaxd(5) HylaFAX client access control list.
hosts.nntp(5) List of hosts that feed NNTP news.
hosts_access(5) Format of host access control files.
hosts_options(5) Host access control language extensions.
html2textrc(5) Formatting properties file for html2text(1).
hunspell(5) Format of Hunspell dictionaries and affix files.
hylafax-config(5) HylaFAX configuration database.
hylafax-info(5) Remote device capability database.
hylafax-log(5) Session log files.
hylafax-server(5) Introduction to HylaFAX server operation and file formats.
hylafax-shutdown(5) Server shutdown control file.
iauth.conf(5) The Internet Relay Chat Authentication Configuration File.
ibm_hosts(5) Host database for x3270 and c3270.
if.conf(5) ↣ netscript-2.4.conf(5) Interface, firewalling, and QoS configuration file.
ifplugd.conf(5) Ifplugd configuration file.
igmpproxy.conf(5) Configuration file for igmpproxy(8) multicast daemon.
imapd.conf(5) IMAP configuration file.
info(5) Readable online documentation.
innwatch.ctl(5) Control Usenet supervision by innwatch.
input(5) Input data file format.
ipfilter.conf(5) ↣ netscript-ipfilter.conf(5) Firewalling configuration file.
ipfm.conf(5) IP Flow Meter configuration file.
ippl.conf(5) IP Protocols Logger configuration file.
ipsvd-instruct(5) Format of the ipsvd(8) instructions directory.
iptotal_config(5) Iptotal configuration file.
ipv6toolkit.conf(5) Configuration file for the SI6 Networks' IPv6 address monitoring daemon (ipv6mon).
ipwatchd.conf(5) Configuration file of IPwatchD daemon.
isns_config(5) ISNS configuration file.
isnsadm.conf(5) ↣ isns_config(5) ISNS configuration file.
ispell(5) Format of ispell dictionaries and affix files.
jailer.conf(5) Configuration file of jailer.
jazip.conf(5) Jazip(1) configuration file.
jng(5) JPEG Network Graphics (JNG) sub-format.
jython.conf(5) Jython registry for system-wide options.
keepalived.conf(5) Configuration file for Keepalived.
keymaps(5) Keyboard table descriptions for loadkeys and dumpkeys.
krb.equiv(5) Kerberos equivalences.
labrea.conf(5) Labrea(1) configuration file.
lambda-term-inputrc(5) Key bindings for lambda-term applications.
latd.conf(5) LAT configuration file.
ldap.conf(5) LDAP configuration file/environment variables.
ldap_table(5) Postfix LDAP client configuration.
ldapscripts(5) Scripts to manage POSIX accounts in your LDAP directory.
ldif(5) LDAP Data Interchange Format.
lernid-classroom(5) Lernid-classroom configuration files.
lftp.conf(5) The global configuration file for lftp.
lg.conf(5) Looking glass configuration file.
lgrindef(5) LGrind's language definition data base.
libuser.conf(5) Configuration for libuser and libuser utilities.
lilo.conf(5) Configuration file for lilo.
linkcheckerrc(5) Configuration file for LinkChecker.
lircd.conf(5) Lirc main configuration file.
lj4_font(5) Groff fonts for use with devlj4.
llgalrc(5) Configuration file for llgal.
lltag_config(5) Configuration file for lltag.
lltag_formats(5) Internal formats database file for lltag.
lmdb_table(5) Postfix LMDB adapter.
locale.gen(5) Configuration file for locale-gen.
LOGARCHIVE(5) Performance metrics archive format.
lpd.conf(5) Configuration file for the LPRng line printer spooler system.
lsmboxrc(5) Configuration file for lsmbox.
lwatch.conf(5) Configuration file for lwatch(1), syntax highlighting for syslog/syslog-ng file.
lyskom(5) LysKOM database format.
mac-vendor(5) Ethernet vendor file for arp-scan.
mag(5) Format of .mag files read/written by Magic.
mailcap(5) Metamail capabilities file.
maildir(5) Directory for incoming mail messages.
mairixrc(5) Configuration file for mairix(1).
man.conf(5) Configuration file for man.
mandoc.db(5) Manual page database.
master(5) Postfix master process configuration file format.
matrix.conf(5) configuration file.
mbox(5qmail) File containing mail messages.
mdadm.conf(5) Configuration for management of Software RAID with mdadm.
mdoc(5) Mono Documentation XML Format.
memcache_table(5) Postfix memcache client configuration.
menufile(5) Entry in the Debian menu system.
META(5) [File that specifies metainformation of OCaml packages].
mhc(5) Message Harmonized Calendaring system.
midicsv(5) MIDI Comma-Separated Value (CSV) file format.
mimedefang-filter(5) Configuration file for MIMEDefang mail filter.
minidlna.conf(5) MiniDLNA server configuration file.
mke2fs.conf(5) Configuration file for mke2fs.
mlocate.db(5) A mlocate database.
mmorph(5) MULTEXT morphology tool formalism syntax.
mmv(5) Memory Mapped Values for Performance Co-Pilot.
mng(5) Multiple-image Network Graphics (MNG) format.
modules(5) Kernel modules to load at boot time.
mpd.conf(5) Music Player Daemon configuration file.
mu-bookmarks(5) File with bookmarks (shortcuts) for mu search expressions.
multipath.conf(5) Multipath daemon configuration file.
mysql_table(5) Postfix MySQL client configuration.
nanorc(5) GNU nano's configuration file.
nasd.conf(5nas) Configuration file for NAS servers.
neard.conf(5) Neard configuration file.
net(5) Format of .net files read/written by Magic's netlist editor.
netrikrc(5) Netrik configuration file.
netscript-2.4.conf(5) Interface, firewalling, and QoS configuration file.
netscript-ipfilter.conf(5) Firewalling configuration file.
network.conf(5) ↣ netscript-ipfilter.conf(5) Firewalling configuration file.
nfs(5) Fstab format and options for the nfs file systems.
nfsidmap(5) The NFS idmapper upcall program.
nfsmount.conf(5) Configuration file for NFS mounts.
nfsroot.conf(5) Nfsroot configuration for FAI.
nicknames(5) Nickname translation table for NIS maps.
nilfs_cleanerd.conf(5) Nilfs_cleanerd(8) configuration file.
nisplus_table(5) Postfix NIS+ client.
nnrp.access(5) Access file for on-campus NNTP sites.
nnrpd.track(5) File to specify hosts to be tracked by nnrpd.
nrpe-ng.cfg(5) Configuration file for nrpe-ng.
nscd.conf(5) Configuration file for Name Service Caching Daemon.
nss_ldap(5) LDAP nameservice provider.
oddjobd-introspection.conf(5) Allow introspection of oddjobd.
oddjobd-mkhomedir.conf(5) Allow limited use of the mkhomedir functions.
oddjobd.conf(5) Configuration for oddjobd.
oidentd.conf(5) The oidentd configuration file.
oidentd_masq.conf(5) Oidentd IP masquerading/NAT configuration file.
olsrd.conf(5) Configuration file for olsrd(8).
opendkim.conf(5) Configuration file for opendkim.
opendmarc.conf(5) Configuration file for opendmarc.
optimise(5) Output data file formats.
oroborusrc(5) Oroborus(1) configuration file.
output(5) Output data file formats.
overview.fmt(5) Format of news overview database.
pagermap(5) SNPP pager identifier mapping file.
pagesizes(5) HylaFAX page size definitions.
pam(5) Portable arbitrary map file format.
pam_ldap(5) LDAP pluggable authentication module.
pam_ldap.conf(5) ↣ pam_ldap(5) LDAP pluggable authentication module.
papersize(5) Specify preferred paper size.
partimagedusers(5) List of allowed users.
pbm(5) Portable bitmap file format.
pcap-savefile(5) Libpcap savefile format.
pcp-atoprc(5) Pcp-atop/pcp-atopsar related resource file.
pcp.conf(5) The Performance Co-Pilot configuration and environment file.
pcp.env(5) Script to set Performance Co-Pilot run-time environment variables.
pcre_table(5) Format of Postfix PCRE tables.
pdfpcrc(5) Pdfpc configuration file.
pear.conf(5) Configuration file for PEAR applications.
perditiondb(5) Perdition modular popmap support.
perfevent.conf(5) The Performance Co-Pilot perfevent PMDA configuration file.
pfqueue.conf(5) Pfqueue configuration file.
pgm(5) Portable graymap file format.
pgsql_table(5) Postfix PostgreSQL client configuration.
plotnetcfg-json(5) Json output format.
pmieconf(5) Generalized pmie rules and customizations.
pmns(5) The performance metrics name space.
pmrep.conf(5) Pmrep configuration file.
pnm(5) Portable anymap file format.
policyd-spf.conf(5) Policyd-spf python configuration parameters.
policyd-spf.peruser(5) Policyd-spf python per-user configuration.
policyd-weight.conf(5) Policyd-weight configuration parameters.
portsentry.conf(5) Portsentry´s main configuration file.
postconf(5) Postfix configuration parameters.
postfix-wrapper(5) Postfix multi-instance API.
ppm(5) Portable pixmap file format.
pptpd.conf(5) PPTP VPN daemon configuration. Main Prayer configuration file.
prboom-plus.cfg(5) Configuration file for PrBoom+.
procmailex(5) Procmail rcfile examples.
procmailrc(5) Procmail rcfile.
procmailsc(5) Procmail weighted scoring technique.
procmeterrc(5) The procmeterrc configuration file for procmeter3, procmeter3-xaw, gprocmeter3, procmeter3-gtk1,.
proftpd.conf(5) ProFTPD server configuration file.
projects(5) Persistent project root definition.
projid(5) The project name mapping file.
protocols.cfg(5) Configuration of TCP network services.
pulse-cli-syntax(5) PulseAudio Command Line Interface Syntax.
pulse-client.conf(5) PulseAudio client configuration file.
pulse-daemon.conf(5) PulseAudio daemon configuration file.
pwquality.conf(5) Configuration for the libpwquality library.
qmail-control(5) Qmail configuration files.
qmail-header(5) Format of a mail message.
qmail-log(5) The qmail activity record.
qmail-users(5) Assign mail addresses to users.
qos.conf(5) ↣ netscript-2.4.conf(5) Interface, firewalling, and QoS configuration file.
quantize(5) ImageMagick's color reduction algorithm.
quotagrpadmins(5) Users responsible for group disk usage.
quotatab(5) Descriptions of devices with disk quotas.
racluster(5) Racluster flow model definitions.
racolor.conf(5) Racolor resource file.
racoon-tool.conf(5) Configuration file for racoon-tool(8).
radium.conf(5) Radium resource file.
ralabel.conf(5) Ralabel resource file.
ramond.conf(5) Configuration file for ramond(8).
rancid.conf(5) Rancid environment configuration file.
rancid.types.base(5) ↣ rancid.types.conf(5) Rancid device type configuration file.
rancid.types.conf(5) Rancid device type configuration file.
ranonymize(5) Ranonymize(1) configuration file.
rarc(5) Ra client resource file.
rate-files(5) Format of rate-files.
rcsfile(5) RCS file format.
recoll.conf(5) Main personal configuration file for Recoll.
recvq(5) Received facsimile document format.
regexp_table(5) Format of Postfix regular expression tables.
relocated(5) Postfix relocated table format.
router.db(5) Rancid group configuration file.
rplay.conf(5) Rplay sound database.
rplay.helpers(5) Rplay helper applications.
rplay.hosts(5) Rplay host authentication database.
rplay.servers(5) Rplay servers database.
rsbackup(5) Configuration for rsync-based backup utility.
sane-mustek_pp(5) SANE backend for Mustek parallel port flatbed scanners.
scr_dump(5) Format of curses screen-dumps.
secolor.conf(5) The SELinux color configuration file.
sendq(5) HylaFAX outbound job description.
sge_schedule(5) Format of the Grid Engine schedule file.
sge_status(5) Grid Engine job status values.
shield.conf(5) Pam_shield configuration file.
shogun(5) A Large Scale Machine Learning Toolbox.
sim(5) Format of .sim files read by esim, crystal, etc.
site-lib(5) [Location of package directories].
slack.conf(5) Configuration file for slack.
slapd-bdb(5) Berkeley DB backends to slapd.
slapd-config(5) Configuration backend to slapd.
slapd-dnssrv(5) DNS SRV referral backend to slapd.
slapd-hdb(5) Berkeley DB backends to slapd.
slapd-ldap(5) LDAP backend to slapd.
slapd-ldbm(5) Discontinued LDBM backend to slapd.
slapd-ldif(5) LDIF backend to slapd.
slapd-mdb(5) Memory-Mapped DB backend to slapd.
slapd-meta(5) Metadirectory backend to slapd.
slapd-monitor(5) Monitor backend to slapd.
slapd-ndb(5) MySQL NDB backend to slapd.
slapd-null(5) Null backend to slapd.
slapd-passwd(5) /etc/passwd backend to slapd.
slapd-perl(5) Perl backend to slapd.
slapd-relay(5) Relay backend to slapd.
slapd-shell(5) Shell backend to slapd.
slapd-sock(5) Socket backend/overlay to slapd.
slapd-sql(5) SQL backend to slapd.
slapd.access(5) Access configuration for slapd, the stand-alone LDAP daemon.
slapd.backends(5) Backends for slapd, the stand-alone LDAP daemon.
slapd.conf(5) Configuration file for slapd, the stand-alone LDAP daemon.
slapd.overlays(5) Overlays for slapd, the stand-alone LDAP daemon.
slapd.plugin(5) Plugin configuration for slapd, the stand-alone LDAP daemon.
slapo-accesslog(5) Access Logging overlay to slapd.
slapo-auditlog(5) Audit Logging overlay to slapd.
slapo-chain(5) Chain overlay to slapd.
slapo-collect(5) Collective attributes overlay to slapd.
slapo-constraint(5) Attribute Constraint Overlay to slapd.
slapo-dds(5) Dynamic Directory Services overlay to slapd.
slapo-dyngroup(5) Dynamic Group overlay to slapd.
slapo-dynlist(5) Dynamic List overlay to slapd.
slapo-lastbind(5) Lastbind overlay to slapd.
slapo-memberof(5) Reverse Group Membership overlay to slapd.
slapo-pbind(5) Proxy bind overlay to slapd.
slapo-pcache(5) Proxy cache overlay to slapd.
slapo-ppolicy(5) Password Policy overlay to slapd.
slapo-refint(5) Referential Integrity overlay to slapd.
slapo-retcode(5) Return code overlay to slapd.
slapo-rwm(5) Rewrite/remap overlay to slapd.
slapo-smbk5pwd(5) Samba & Kerberos password sync overlay to slapd.
slapo-sock(5) Socket backend/overlay to slapd.
slapo-sssvlv(5) Server Side Sorting and Virtual List View overlay to slapd.
slapo-syncprov(5) Sync Provider overlay to slapd.
slapo-translucent(5) Translucent Proxy overlay to slapd.
slapo-unique(5) Attribute Uniqueness overlay to slapd.
slapo-valsort(5) Value Sorting overlay to slapd.
sniffit(5) Configuration file for sniffit (name arbitrary).
sockd.conf(5) SOCKS server configuration file.
sockd.fc(5) Frozen configuration file for SOCKS server. Frozen route file for multi-homed SOCKS proxy server.
sockd.route(5) Route file for multi-homed SOCKS proxy server.
socketmap_table(5) Postfix socketmap table lookup client.
socks.conf(5) SOCKS clients configuration file.
socks.fc(5) Frozen configuration file for SOCKS clients.
softhsm2.conf(5) SoftHSM configuration file.
sos.conf(5) Sosreport configuration.
spamoracle.conf(5) SpamOracle configuration file format.
spl-module-parameters(5) SPL module parameters.
sqlite_table(5) Postfix SQLite configuration.
srec_aomf(5) Intel Absolute Object Module Format.
srec_ascii_hex(5) Ascii‐Hex file format.
srec_atmel_generic(5) Atmel Generic file format.
srec_binary(5) Binary file format.
srec_brecord(5) Freescale MC68EZ328 Dragonball bootstrap record format.
srec_cosmac(5) RCA Cosmac Elf file format.
srec_dec_binary(5) DEC Binary (XXDP) file format.
srec_emon52(5) Elektor Monitor (EMON52) file format.
srec_fairchild(5) Fairchild Fairbug file format.
srec_fastload(5) LSI Logic Fast Load file format.
srec_formatted_binary(5) Formatted Binary file format.
srec_forth(5) FORTH file format.
srec_fpc(5) Four packed code file format.
srec_intel(5) Intel Hexadecimal object file format specification.
srec_intel16(5) Intel Hexadecimal 16‐bit file format specification.
srec_mif(5) Memory Initialization File (MIF) format.
srec_mos_tech(5) MOS Technology file format.
srec_motorola(5) Motorola S‐Record hexadecimal file format.
srec_msbin(5) Windows CE Binary Image Data Format.
srec_needham(5) Needham EMP‐series programmer ASCII file format.
srec_os65v(5) OS65V Loader file format.
srec_signetics(5) Signetics file format.
srec_spasm(5) SPASM file format.
srec_spectrum(5) Spectrum file format.
srec_stewie(5) Stewie's binary file format.
srec_tektronix(5) Tektronix hexadecimal file format.
srec_tektronix_extended(5) Tektronix Extended hexadecimal file format.
srec_ti_tagged(5) Texas Instruments Tagged (SDSMAC) file format.
srec_ti_tagged_16(5) Texas Instruments Tagged (SDSMAC 320) file format.
srec_ti_txt(5) Texas Instruments ti‐txt (MSP430) file format.
srec_vmem(5) Vmem file format.
srec_wilson(5) Wilson file format.
stationlist.xml(5) Tvtime station configuration file.
status(5) Server status database.
strife.cfg(5) Chocolate Doom configuration file. Database of restricted commands for super(1).
svnserve.conf(5) Repository configuration file for svnserve.
swish++.conf(5) SWISH++ configuration file format.
swish++.index(5) SWISH++ index file format.
tac_plus.conf(5) Tacacs+ daemon configuration file.
tasks.cfg(5) Task definitions for the xymonlaunch utility.
tcp-environ(5) TCP-related environment variables.
tcp_table(5) Postfix client/server table lookup protocol.
tcsd.conf(5) Configuration file for the trousers TCS daemon.
term(5) Format of compiled term file.
terms(5) Database of blessed terminals for xtermset.
texinfo(5) Software documentation system.
thermal-conf.xml(5) Configuration file for thermal daemon.
timidity.cfg(5) Configure file of TiMidity++.
tkconrc(5) TkCon resource file.
tmispell.conf(5) Configuration file for tmispell.
tmpreaper.conf(5) Defines parameters for daily run of tmpreaper.
tqsl(5) Digitally sign amateur radio contact logs.
Traits(5) Lists the traits used by the Motif Toolkit. "Traits".
transport(5) Postfix transport table format.
tsi(5) Transmission Subscriber Identification (TSI) access control list.
turnserver.conf(5) TurnServer configuration file.
tvtime.xml(5) Tvtime configuration file.
twfiles(5) Overview of files used by Tripwire and file backup process.
typerules(5) HylaFAX file type identification and conversion rules.
ucimf.conf(5) Ucimf configuration files.
uif.conf(5) Tool for generating optimized packet filter rules.
UIL(5) The user interface language file format "user interface language" "UIL".
unifont(5) A bitmapped font with full Unicode Plane 0 (BMP) coverage.
update-motd(5) Dynamic MOTD generation.
updatedb.conf(5) A configuration file for updatedb(8).
upnpd.conf(5) Upnpd(8) configuration file.
user_caps(5) User-defined terminfo capabilities.
utoprc(5) Configuration file of utop.
uuencode(5) Format of an encoded uuencode file.
vdev_id.conf(5) Configuration file for vdev_id.
vgrabbj.conf(5) Configuration file for vgrabbj.
viewospasswd(5) Login info for kmview-umview users.
virtual(5) Postfix virtual alias table format.
vmsmail.conf(5) VMSmail configuration file.
vsftpd.conf(5) Config file for vsftpd.
vtprintcap(5) Database of terminal printer control codes.
vtund.conf(5) VTun(Virtual Tunnel) daemon configuration file.
warnquota.conf(5) Configuration for warnquota.
watchdog.conf(5) Configuration file for the watchdog daemon.
wdm.options(5) Configuration options for WINGs display manager.
wdmlogin.conf(5) Configuration options for wdmLogin.
weborf.conf(5) Configuration file for weborf daemon.
weston.ini(5) Configuration file for Weston - the reference Wayland compositor.
whereami.conf(5) Configuration file for whereami.
wicd-manager-settings.conf(5) Contains settings that control Wicd's behavior.
wicd-wired-settings.conf(5) Controls Wicd's wired network settings.
wicd-wireless-settings.conf(5) Controls Wicd's wireless network settings.
wifi-radar.conf(5) Configuration file for WiFi Radar.
wmbiffrc(5) Configuration file for wmbiff(1).
wmfrc(5) Configuration file for wmf.
WML(5) The widget meta-language file format for creating uil compilers "widget meta-language" "WML".
writable-paths(5) Make select paths writable.
wvdial.conf(5) Wvdial configuration file.
XCompose(3) X client mappings for multi-key input sequences.
xdm.options(5) Configuration options for the X display manager.
xferfaxlog(5) HylaFAX activity log.
xferlog(5) ProFTPD server logfile.
xfs(5) Layout, mount options, and supported file attributes for the XFS filesystem.
xine(5) A free video player.
xinetd.conf(5) Extended Internet Services Daemon configuration file.
xinetd.log(5) Xinetd service log format.
xneurrc(5) Configuration file for XNeur.
xorg.conf(5) Configuration files for Xorg X server.
xorg.conf.d(5) ↣ xorg.conf(5) Configuration files for Xorg X server.
xpdfrc(5) Configuration file for Xpdf tools (version 3.04).
Xsession(5) Initialize X session.
Xsession.options(5) Configuration options for Xsession(5).
xymon-xmh(5) Configuration items available online.
xymonclient.cfg(5) Xymon client environment variables.
xymonserver.cfg(5) Xymon environment variables.
xymonweb(5) Web page headers, footers and forms.
xymonwebaccess(5) Web-based access controls in Xymon.
yagi(5) Yagi binary output format.
zbackup(5) Versatile deduplicating backup tool.
zfs-events(5) Events created by the ZFS filesystem.
zfs-module-parameters(5) ZFS module parameters.
zpool-features(5) ZFS pool feature descriptions.