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Scope: fors recipes.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
fors_align_sky(7) Upgrade wavelength solution using sky lines.
fors_align_sky_lss(7) Upgrade wavelength solution using sky lines.
fors_bias(7) Compute the master bias frame.
fors_calib(7) Determination of the extraction mask.
fors_config(7) Creation of FORS recipes configuration tables.
fors_dark(7) Compute master dark frame.
fors_detect_objects(7) Detect objects in slit spectra.
fors_detect_spectra(7) Detect MOS/MXU spectra on CCD.
fors_extract(7) Extraction of scientific spectra.
fors_extract_objects(7) Extract objects in slit spectra.
fors_extract_slits(7) Spatial rectification of spectral image.
fors_flatfield(7) Flat field correction of input frame.
fors_img_science(7) Reduce scientific exposure.
fors_img_screen_flat(7) Compute master screen flat frame.
fors_img_sky_flat(7) Compute master img_sky_flat frame.
fors_normalise_flat(7) Normalise master flat spectrum.
fors_photometry(7) Compute corrected flatfield.
fors_pmos_calib(7) Determination of the extraction mask.
fors_pmos_extract(7) Extraction of scientific spectra.
fors_pmos_science(7) Extraction of scientific spectra.
fors_remove_bias(7) Subtract bias from input frame.
fors_resample(7) Resample input spectra at constant wavelength step.
fors_science(7) Extraction of scientific spectra.
fors_spec_mflat(7) Computes master spectroscopic flat, removing bias first.
fors_subtract_sky(7) Subtract sky from scientific spectra.
fors_subtract_sky_lss(7) Subtract sky from calibrated long slit exposure.
fors_sumflux(7) Integrate flux from all or part of the input frame.
fors_trace_flat(7) Determine spectral curvature model.
fors_wave_calib(7) Derive dispersion relation from rectified arc lamp frame.
fors_wave_calib_lss(7) Derive dispersion relation from long-slit arc lamp frame.
fors_zeropoint(7) Compute zeropoint.
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