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Scope: Games.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
accc(6) Ac3d Compiler.
airstrike(6) 2d dogfight game in the tradition of 'Biplanes' and 'BIP'.
asciijump(6) Small and funny ASCII-art game about ski jumping.
auralquiz(6) Simple music quiz game using your own music files.
Between(6) A game about consciousness and isolation.
blockattack(6) A puzzle game inspired by Tetris Attack.
bouncy(6) Game for kids.
caveexpress(6) 2D platformer with physics-based gameplay.
caveexpress-editor(6) ↣ caveexpress(6) 2D platformer with physics-based gameplay.
cavepacker(6) Sokoban game.
cavepacker-editor(6) ↣ cavepacker(6) Sokoban game.
childsplay(6) Educational games for young children.
csmash(6) A table tennis simulation game.
Cultivation(6) Game about the interactions within a gardening community.
d1x-rebirth(6) Port of the 1995 classic game "Descent: First Strike".
d2x-rebirth(6) Port of the 1996 classic game "Descent 2: Counterstrike".
defendguin(6) A bidirectionally scrolling space game based on Defender.
dink(6) ↣ freedink(6) Adventure and role-playing game (engine).
dinkedit(6) ↣ freedinkedit(6) Adventure and role-playing game (editor).
dwarf-fortress(6) Slaves to Armok: God of Blood Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress.
empire(6) The wargame of the century.
freedink(6) Adventure and role-playing game (engine).
freedinkedit(6) Adventure and role-playing game (editor).
freeorion(6) Turn-based space empire and galactic conquest game.
gpsshell(6) GPSShogi shell like client.
gpsshogi(6) GPSShogi for XShogi and the CSA protocol.
gpsshogi-viewer(6) GPSShogi viewer.
gpsusi(6) GPSShogi for the USI protocol.
Gravitation(6) A game about mania, melancholia, and the creative process.
greed(6) Eat a game field until you run out of moves.
gtkboard(6) Play a variety of board games.
heroes(6) A game like Nibbles or Tron, just better.
heroeslvl(6) Inspect Heroes' level files.
hoichess(6) Xboard compatible chess engine.
hoixiangqi(6) ↣ hoichess(6) Xboard compatible chess engine.
instead(6) Simple Text Adventure Engine, The Interpreter.
kball(6) A game of skill and reflexes for all the family.
koules(6) ↣ xkoules(6) Action game for X11.
kraptor(6) A classic shoot 'em up scroller game.
laby(6) Learn programming playing with ants and spider webs.
lordsawar(6) A Warlords II clone.
lordsawar-editor(6) Make your own scenarios for lordsawar.
lordsawar-game-host-client(6) Administer or query a game host server.
lordsawar-game-host-server(6) Serve up networked lordsawar games.
lordsawar-game-list-client(6) Administer or query a game list server.
lordsawar-game-list-server(6) Serve up information about currently running lordsawar networked games.
lordsawar-import(6) Transfer your scenarios from Warlords II.
megaglest(6) 3D multi-player real time strategy game.
megaglest_editor(6) Map editor for the popular 3D realtime strategy game.
megaglest_g3dviewer(6) G3D Model editor for the popular 3D realtime strategy game.
minetest-mapper(6) Creates 2D maps of your world.
mokomaze(6) Ball-in-the-labyrinth game.
monopd(6) Monopoly™ like game server.
morris(6) Nine Men's Morris game for the Gnome desktop.
netpanzer(6) An online multiplayer tactical warfare game.
nfs2ac(6) Car model converter from 'Need for Speed' to Ac3d.
nfsperf(6) Car Specifications Converter.
oneisenough(6) 2D platform game about communist and capitalist balls.
openclonk(6) Multiplayer game of strategy, action and skill.
pangzero(6) Action game that involves popping balloons with a harpoon.
Passage(6) A game about the passage through life.
performous(6) The free music and rhythm game.
Primrose(6) A compelling tile-placement puzzle game.
pybik(6) Rubik's cube game.
pysiogame(6) Educational activity pack for kids.
renpy(6) Engine for creating visual novels.
renpy-demo(6) Demo script for the Ren'Py engine.
rrootage(6) An abstract arcade shooter.
sdl-instead(6) ↣ instead(6) Simple Text Adventure Engine, The Interpreter.
sgt-blackbox(6) Ball-finding puzzle.
sgt-bridges(6) Bridge-placing puzzle.
sgt-cube(6) Rolling cube puzzle.
sgt-dominosa(6) Domino tiling puzzle.
sgt-fifteen(6) Sliding block puzzle.
sgt-filling(6) Polyomino puzzle.
sgt-flip(6) Tile inversion puzzle.
sgt-flood(6) Flood-filling puzzle.
sgt-galaxies(6) Symmetric polyomino puzzle.
sgt-guess(6) Combination-guessing puzzle.
sgt-inertia(6) Gem-collecting puzzle.
sgt-keen(6) Arithmetic Latin square puzzle.
sgt-lightup(6) Light-bulb placing puzzle.
sgt-loopy(6) Loop-drawing puzzle.
sgt-magnets(6) Magnet-placing puzzle.
sgt-map(6) Map-colouring puzzle.
sgt-mines(6) Mine-finding puzzle.
sgt-net(6) Network jigsaw puzzle.
sgt-netslide(6) Toroidal sliding network puzzle.
sgt-palisade(6) Grid-division puzzle.
sgt-pattern(6) Pattern puzzle.
sgt-pearl(6) Loop-drawing puzzle.
sgt-pegs(6) Peg solitaire puzzle.
sgt-range(6) Visible-distance puzzle.
sgt-rect(6) Rectangles puzzle.
sgt-samegame(6) Block-clearing puzzle.
sgt-signpost(6) Square-connecting puzzle.
sgt-singles(6) Number-removing puzzle.
sgt-sixteen(6) Toroidal sliding block puzzle.
sgt-slant(6) Maze-drawing puzzle.
sgt-solo(6) Number placement puzzle.
sgt-tents(6) Tent-placing puzzle.
sgt-towers(6) Tower-placing Latin square puzzle.
sgt-tracks(6) Path-finding railway track puzzle.
sgt-twiddle(6) Rotational sliding block puzzle.
sgt-undead(6) Monster-placing puzzle.
sgt-unequal(6) Latin square puzzle.
sgt-unruly(6) Black and white grid puzzle.
sgt-untangle(6) Planar graph layout puzzle.
slimevolley(6) Unrealistic 2D volleyball simulation.
snowballz(6) Fun RTS game featuring snowball fights with penguins.
spring(6) An open source RTS game engine - Default Engine.
spring-dedicated(6) An open source RTS game engine - Dedicated Server.
spring-headless(6) An open source RTS game engine - Headless Engine.
spring-legacy(6) An open source RTS game engine - Legacy Engine.
springlobby(6) A spring lobby.
supertux2(6) Preview release of SuperTux Milestone 2, a classic style 2D platform game.
texmapper(6) Texture Auto Mapper.
the_question(6) A simple visual-novel game with the Ren'Py engine.
torcs(6) Racing car simulator.
trackballs(6) Marble game similar to the classic arcade game 'Marble Madness'.
trackgen(6) Terrain generator for tracks.
Transcend(6) Retro-style, abstract, 2D shooter.
typespeed(6) Test your typing speed and get your fingers' CPS.
ufoai(6) UFO: Alien Invasion client.
ufoai-server(6) UFO: Alien Invasion dedicated server.
vectoroids(6) A vector-based asteroid-shooting game written in libSDL.
vodovod(6) Lead the water from the house to the storage tank.
whichwayisup(6) 2D platform game with a slight rotational twist.
wordwarvi(6) Old school '80's style side scrolling space shoot'em up game.
xkoules(6) Action game for X11.
xpilot-ng-replay(6) Playback an XPilot session.
xpilot-ng-sdl(6) An SDL/OpenGL XPilot client.
xpilot-ng-server(6) Server for multiplayer space war game.
xpilot-ng-x11(6) X11 client for multiplayer space war game.
xpilot-ng-xp-mapedit(6) Edit block based XPilot maps.
xpngcc(6) XPilot NG control center.
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