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Scope: GMT.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
backtracker(1gmt) Generate forward and backward flowlines and hotspot tracks.
blockmean(1gmt) Block average (x, y, z) data tables by L2 norm.
blockmedian(1gmt) Block average (x, y, z) data tables by L1 norm.
blockmode(1gmt) Block average (x, y, z) data tables by mode estimation.
dimfilter(1gmt) Directional filtering of 2-D gridded files in the space (or time) domain.
filter1d(1gmt) Do time domain filtering of 1-D data tables.
fitcircle(1gmt) Find mean position and pole of best-fit great [or small] circle to points on a sphere.
gmt(1gmt) The Generic Mapping Tools data processing and display software package.
gmt.conf(5gmt) Configuration for GMT.
gmt2kml(1gmt) Convert GMT data tables to KML files for Google Earth.
gmt5syntax(1gmt) Convert old GMT script to use new 'gmt ' syntax. Practical functions to be used in GMT bourne shell scripts.
gmtcolors(5gmt) Explanation of color codes in GMT.
gmtconnect(1gmt) Connect individual lines whose end points match within tolerance.
gmtconvert(1gmt) Convert, Paste, and/or Extract columns from data tables.
gmtdefaults(1gmt) List current GMT default parameters.
gmtflexure(1gmt) Compute flexural deformation of 2-D loads, forces, bending and moments.
gmtget(1gmt) Get individual GMT default parameters.
gmtgravmag3d(1gmt) Compute the gravity/magnetic effect of a body by the method of Okabe.
gmtinfo(1gmt) Return information about data tables.
gmtlogo(1gmt) Adding a GMT graphics logo overlay to an illustration.
gmtmath(1gmt) Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator for data tables.
gmtpmodeler(1gmt) Evaluate a plate motion model at given locations.
gmtregress(1gmt) Linear regression of 1-D data sets.
gmtselect(1gmt) Select data table subsets based on multiple spatial criteria.
gmtset(1gmt) Change individual GMT default parameters.
gmtsimplify(1gmt) Line reduction using the Douglas-Peucker algorithm.
gmtspatial(1gmt) Do geospatial operations on lines and polygons.
gmtswitch(1gmt) Switching between different GMT versions.
gmtvector(1gmt) Basic manipulation of Cartesian vectors.
gmtwhich(1gmt) Find full path to specified files.
gpsgridder(1gmt) Interpolate GPS strain vectors using Green's functions for elastic deformation.
gravfft(1gmt) Compute gravitational attraction of 3-D surfaces in the wavenumber (or frequency) domain.
grd2cpt(1gmt) Make linear or histogram-equalized color palette table from grid.
grd2rgb(1gmt) Write r/g/b grid files from a grid file, a raw RGB file, or SUN rasterfile.
grd2xyz(1gmt) Convert grid file to data table.
grdblend(1gmt) Blend several partially over-lapping grids into one large grid.
grdclip(1gmt) Clip the range of grids.
grdcontour(1gmt) Make contour map using a grid.
grdconvert(1gmt) Convert between different grid formats.
grdcut(1gmt) Extract subregion from a grid.
grdedit(1gmt) Modify header or content of a grid.
grdfft(1gmt) Do mathematical operations on grids in the wavenumber (or frequency) domain.
grdfilter(1gmt) Filter a grid in the space (or time) domain.
grdflexure(1gmt) Compute flexural deformation of 3-D surfaces for various rheologies.
grdgradient(1gmt) Compute directional derivative or gradient from a grid.
grdgravmag3d(1gmt) Compute the gravity effect of a grid by the method of Okabe.
grdhisteq(1gmt) Perform histogram equalization for a grid.
grdimage(1gmt) Project grids or images and plot them on maps.
grdinfo(1gmt) Extract information from grids.
grdlandmask(1gmt) "Create a ""wet-dry"" mask grid from shoreline data base".
grdmask(1gmt) Create mask grid from polygons or point coverage.
grdmath(1gmt) Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator for grids (element by element).
grdpaste(1gmt) Join two grids along their common edge.
grdpmodeler(1gmt) Evaluate a plate motion model on a geographic grid.
grdproject(1gmt) Forward and inverse map transformation of grids.
grdraster(1gmt) Extract subregion from a binary raster and save as a GMT grid.
grdredpol(1gmt) Compute the Continuous Reduction To the Pole, AKA differential RTP.
grdrotater(1gmt) Finite rotation reconstruction of geographic grid.
grdsample(1gmt) Resample a grid onto a new lattice.
grdseamount(1gmt) Compute synthetic seamount (Gaussian or cone, circular or elliptical) bathymetry.
grdspotter(1gmt) Create CVA image from a gravity or topography grid.
grdtrack(1gmt) Sample grids at specified (x,y) locations.
grdtrend(1gmt) Fit trend surface to grids and compute residuals.
grdvector(1gmt) Plot vector field from two component grids.
grdview(1gmt) Create 3-D perspective image or surface mesh from a grid.
grdvolume(1gmt) Calculate grid volume and area constrained by a contour.
greenspline(1gmt) Interpolate using Green's functions for splines in 1-3 dimensions.
gshhg(1gmt) Extract data tables from binary GSHHG or WDBII data files.
hotspotter(1gmt) Create CVA image from seamount locations.
img2grd(1gmt) Extract subset of img file in Mercator or Geographic format.
isogmt(1gmt) Run GMT command or script in isolation mode.
kml2gmt(1gmt) Extract GMT table data from Google Earth KML files.
makecpt(1gmt) Make GMT color palette tables.
mapproject(1gmt) Do forward and inverse map transformations, datum conversions and geodesy.
mgd77convert(1gmt) Convert MGD77 data to other file formats.
mgd77header(1gmt) Create MGD77 headers from A77 files.
mgd77info(1gmt) Extract information about MGD77 files.
mgd77list(1gmt) Extract data from MGD77 files.
mgd77magref(1gmt) Evaluate the IGRF or CM4 magnetic field models.
mgd77manage(1gmt) Manage the content of MGD77+ files.
mgd77path(1gmt) Return paths to MGD77 cruises and directories.
mgd77sniffer(1gmt) Along-track quality control of MGD77 cruises.
mgd77track(1gmt) Plot track-line map of MGD77 cruises.
nearneighbor(1gmt) "Grid table data using a ""Nearest neighbor"" algorithm".
originator(1gmt) Associate seamounts with nearest hotspot point sources.
postscriptlight(3gmt) A PostScript based plotting library.
project(1gmt) Project table data onto lines or great circles, generate tracks, or translate coordinates.
psbasemap(1gmt) Plot PostScript base maps.
psclip(1gmt) Initialize or terminate polygonal clip paths.
pscoast(1gmt) Plot continents, shorelines, rivers, and borders on maps.
pscontour(1gmt) Contour table data by direct triangulation [method].
psconvert(1gmt) Convert [E]PS file(s) to other formats using GhostScript.
pscoupe(1gmt) Plot cross-sections of focal mechanisms.
pshistogram(1gmt) Calculate and plot histograms.
psimage(1gmt) Place images or EPS files on maps.
pslegend(1gmt) Plot legends on maps.
psmask(1gmt) Use data tables to clip or mask map areas with no coverage.
psmeca(1gmt) Plot focal mechanisms on maps.
pspolar(1gmt) Plot polarities on the inferior focal half-sphere on maps.
psrose(1gmt) Plot a polar histogram (rose, sector, windrose diagrams).
pssac(1gmt) Plot seismograms in SAC format on maps.
psscale(1gmt) Plot a gray or color scale-bar on maps.
pssegy(1gmt) Plot a SEGY file on a map.
pssegyz(1gmt) Create imagemasked postscript from SEGY file.
pssolar(1gmt) Plot day-light terminators and other sunlight parameters.
psternary(1gmt) Plot data on ternary diagrams.
pstext(1gmt) Plot or typeset text on maps.
psvelo(1gmt) Plot velocity vectors, crosses, and wedges on maps.
pswiggle(1gmt) Plot z = f(x,y) anomalies along tracks.
psxy(1gmt) Plot lines, polygons, and symbols on maps.
psxyz(1gmt) Plot lines, polygons, and symbols in 3-D.
rotconverter(1gmt) Manipulate total reconstruction and stage rotations.
sample1d(1gmt) Resample 1-D table data using splines.
segy2grd(1gmt) Converting SEGY data to a GMT grid.
spectrum1d(1gmt) Compute auto- [and cross- ] spectra from one [or two] time-series.
sph2grd(1gmt) Compute grid from spherical harmonic coefficients.
sphdistance(1gmt) Make Voronoi distance, node, or nearest-neighbor grid on a sphere.
sphinterpolate(1gmt) Spherical gridding in tension of data on a sphere.
sphtriangulate(1gmt) Delaunay or Voronoi construction of spherical lon,lat data.
splitxyz(1gmt) Split xyz[dh] data tables into individual segments.
surface(1gmt) Grid table data using adjustable tension continuous curvature splines.
talwani2d(1gmt) Compute free-air, geoid or vertical gravity gradients anomalies over 2-D bodies.
talwani3d(1gmt) Compute free-air, geoid or vertical gravity gradients anomalies over 3-D bodies.
trend1d(1gmt) Fit a [weighted] [robust] polynomial [and/or Fourier] model for y = f(x) to xy[w] data.
trend2d(1gmt) Fit a [weighted] [robust] polynomial model for z = f(x,y) to xyz[w] data.
triangulate(1gmt) Do optimal (Delaunay) triangulation and gridding of Cartesian table data [method].
x2sys_binlist(1gmt) Create bin index listing from track data files.
x2sys_cross(1gmt) Calculate crossovers between track data files.
x2sys_datalist(1gmt) Extract content of track data files.
x2sys_get(1gmt) Get track listing from the x2sys track index databases.
x2sys_init(1gmt) Initialize a new x2sys track database.
x2sys_list(1gmt) Extract subset from crossover data base.
x2sys_merge(1gmt) Merge an updated COEs table (smaller) into the main table (bigger).
x2sys_put(1gmt) Update track index database from track bin file.
x2sys_report(1gmt) Report statistics from crossover data base.
x2sys_solve(1gmt) Determine least-squares systematic correction from crossovers.
xyz2grd(1gmt) Convert data table to a grid file.
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