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Scope: GNU Awk Extension Modules.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
filefuncs(3am) Provide some file related functionality to gawk.
fnmatch(3am) Compare a string against a filename wildcard.
fork(3am) Basic process management.
inplace(3am) Emulate sed/perl/ruby in-place editing.
ordchr(3am) Convert characters to strings and vice versa.
readdir(3am) Directory input parser for gawk.
readfile(3am) Return the entire contents of a file as a string.
revoutput(3am) Reverse output strings sample extension.
revtwoway(3am) Reverse strings sample two-way processor extension.
rwarray(3am) Write and read gawk arrays to/from files.
time(3am) Time functions for gawk.
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