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Scope: Grid Engine User Commands.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
qacct(1) Report and account for Grid Engine usage.
qconf(1) Grid Engine Queue Configuration.
qhost(1) Show the status of Grid Engine hosts, queues, jobs.
qmake_sge(1) Distributed parallel make, scheduling by Grid Engine.
qmod(1) Modify a Grid Engine queue and running job.
qmon(1) X-Windows OSF/Motif graphical user interface for Grid Engine.
qping(1) Check application status of Grid Engine daemons.
qquota(1) Shows current usage of Grid Engine resource quotas.
qrdel(1) Delete Grid Engine Advance Reservations (AR).
qrstat(1) Show the status of Grid Engine Advance Reservations (AR).
qrsub(1) Submit an Advance Reservation (AR) to Grid Engine.
qsched(1) Show scheduling information on resource reservation.
qselect(1) Select queues.
qtcsh(1) Tcsh with transparent remote execution by use of qrsh.
remote_startup(5) The Grid Engine remote startup mechanism.
sge_ckpt(5) The Grid Engine checkpointing mechanism and checkpointing support.
sge_hostnameutils(1) Get local host information.
sge_intro(1) Grid Engine, a facility for executing jobs on remote machines.
sge_submit(1) Submit jobs to Grid Engine.
sge_types(5) Grid Engine type descriptions.
sgepasswd(1) Modify the Grid Engine password file of Grid Engine.
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