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Scope: [incr Tcl].

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
body(3itcl) Change the body for a class method/proc.
class(3itcl) Create a class of objects.
code(3itcl) Capture the namespace context for a code fragment.
configbody(3itcl) Change the "config" code for a public variable.
delete(3itcl) Delete things in the interpreter.
ensemble(3itcl) Create or modify a composite command.
find(3itcl) Search for classes and objects.
is(3itcl) Test argument to see if it is a class or an object.
itcl(3itcl) Object-oriented extensions to Tcl.
itclvars(3itcl) Variables used by [incr Tcl].
local(3itcl) Create an object local to a procedure.
scope(3itcl) Capture the namespace context for a variable.
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