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Scope: InterViews Reference Manual.

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Adjuster(3I) Button-like interactors for incremental scrolling and zooming.
align(3U) Commands for aligning interactors to each other and to a grid.
Banner(3I) One line title bar.
BasicDialog(3U) An assortment of useful.
Border(3I) Visual separators.
Box2_6(3I) Tile interactors in a box.
BrushCmd(3U) Command for setting components' brush attribute.
Button2_6(3I) Interactive buttons.
Catalog(3U) Stores and retrieves named objects.
catcmds(3U) Catalog-oriented commands.
CGlue(3U) Connector glue.
classes(3U) Unique identifiers for catalog-managed objects and component views.
Clipboard(3U) Manages a list of graphical component subjects.
ColorCmd(3U) Command for setting components' color attributes.
Command(3U) Base class for command objects.
CompletionEditor(3I) StringEditor with string completion.
Component(3U) Base class for objects that model domain-specific elements.
ComponentView(3U) Base class for views of objects that model domain-specific elements.
Connector(3U) Base classes for connector subjects and views.
ConnectTool(3U) Tool for connecting connectors.
Control(3I) Select and execute an action.
ControlInfo(3U) Object for storing control-related information.
Creator(3U) Recreates catalog-managed objects from disk and instantiates component views from their class iden‐.
CSolver(3U) Enforces connector semantics.
Damage(3U) Repairs damaged graphics.
Data(3U) Object containing undo information for storage in a command.
datas(3U) Data subclasses for storing common undo information.
Deck2_6(3I) A stack of interactors on top of each other.
Dialog(3I) Popup dialog interactor.
Dispatcher(3I) Wait on multiple file descriptors until a condition occurs.
Editor(3U) Base class for top-level windows in an application.
EditorInfo(3U) Stores information about an editor's contents.
EllipseComp(3U) Ellipse component subject, view, and PostScript external representation.
ellipses(3U) Abstract base class and predefined.
ExternView(3U) Base class for external representation objects and sub‐.
FileBrowser(3I) Browse and/or select file names.
FileChooser(3I) Dialog box for choosing a file name.
FontCmd(3U) Command for setting components' font attribute.
Frame(3I) Surrounding interactor.
geomobjs(3U) Helper classes that manage geometric infor‐.
globals(3U) Unidraw global constants, types, instances, and functions.
Glue2_6(3I) Open space between interactors.
Graphic(3U) Structured graphic abstract base class and subclass that stores a complete set of.
GraphicBlock(3U) Interactor that displays a graphic.
GraphicComp(3U) Base classes for graphical component subjects.
GraphicCompTool(3U) Tool for instantiating graphical components.
GraphicView(3U) Base classes for graphical component views.
Grid(3U) Displays a grid in a viewer and constrains points to lie on it.
GVUpdater(3U) Updates GraphicViews structure to match its subject.
ImportCmd(3U) Import a graphical component.
IOCallback(3I) Generic callback class for readers, writers, or I/O exception handlers.
IOHandler(3I) Read input, write output, or handle an I/O exception or timeout.
iostreamb(3I) Unformatted streams.
Iterator(3U) Marks a position in a data structure.
KeyMap(3U) Activates controls given their keyboard equivalents.
kybd(3U) Predefined keyboard equivalents.
LineComp(3U) Line and multiline component subject,.
lines(3U) Structured graphics classes for points, lines, and open.
LinkComp(3U) Component subject, view, and PostScript external representation for lines with.
MacroCmd(3U) A command that composes other commands.
MagnifyTool(3U) Tool for magnifying a portion of the GraphicView displayed in a viewer.
manips(3U) Manipulator subclasses for defining common.
Manipulator(3U) Base class for defining direct-manipulation semantics.
MatchEditor(3I) StringEditor with pattern matching.
Menu2_6(3I) Menus.
Message(3I) Interactor containing text.
MoveTool(3U) Tool for translating components.
NOPCmd(3U) Do-nothing command.
PadComp(3U) Pad connector subject, view, structured graphic, and PostScript external.
Page(3U) Defines and displays a visual boundary for a viewer.
Painter(3I) Graphics output.
Panner(3I) Two-dimensional scrolling and zooming.
Path(3U) Record of connectors visited during dataflow.
PatternCmd(3U) Command for setting components' pattern attribute.
Perspective(3I) Visible portion of an interactor.
Picture(3U) Composite structured graphic.
PinComp(3U) Pin connector subject, view, structured graphic, and PostScript external.
PolygonComp(3U) Polygon component subject, view, and PostScript external representation.
polygons(3U) Structured graphics classes for.
PostScriptView(3U) Base classes for external representation objects that generate PostScript.
pspaint(3U) Graphics state objects with added PostScript information.
RasterComp(3U) Raster component subject, view, and PostScript external representation.
RasterRect(3U) Structured graphic displaying a raster image.
RectComp(3U) Rectangle component subject, view, and PostScript external representation.
Regexp(3I) Regular expression searching.
ReqErr(3I) Handle request errors.
ReshapeTool(3U) Tool for reshaping or otherwise altering components' structures.
RotateTool(3U) Tool for rotating components.
rpcbuf(3I) Streambuf specialized for sending and receiving RPC requests.
RpcHdr(3I) Header for remote procedure calls.
RpcPeer(3I) Support bi-directional RPC between two services.
RpcReader(3I) Read RPC requests from a client.
RpcRegistry(3I) Name space for finding RPC services.
RpcService(3I) Support RPC between a service and its clients.
rpcstream(3I) Iostreamb specialized to RPC requests.
RpcWriter(3I) Write RPC requests to a server.
Rubband(3I) Rubberbanding graphical objects.
ScaleTool(3U) Tool for rotating components.
Scene(3I) Composite interactors.
Scroller(3I) Scrolling an interactor.
Selection(3U) Maintains a list of selected graphical component views.
SelectTool(3U) Tool for modifying an editor's current selection.
Shape(3I) What shape a canvas should have.
SlotComp(3U) Abstract base class and.
SplineComp(3U) Open and closed spline.
StateVar(3U) State variable subject base class.
statevars(3U) State.
StateVarView(3U) State variable view base class.
StencilComp(3U) Bitmap component subject, view, and PostScript external representation.
StrBrowser(3I) Browse and/or select items in a list.
StrChooser(3I) Dialog box for choosing items in a list.
StretchTool(3U) Tool for rotating components.
StringEditor(3I) Single line interactive string editor.
struct(3U) Commands for modifying components structurally.
Subject(3I) Object with views.
TextBuffer(3I) Operations on unstructured text.
TextComp(3U) Multiline text component subject, view, structured graphic, and.
TextDisplay(3I) Unstructured text display.
TextEditor(3I) Basic unstructured text editing.
Tool(3U) Base class for tool objects.
TransferFunct(3U) Transfer function base class.
transfns(3U) Transfer function subclasses.
transforms(3U) Coordinate transformation commands.
Tray(3I) Compose interactors into arbitrary or constrained layouts.
UArray(3U) Dynamic array class.
UControl(3U) Base classes for menu and button interfaces that work with ControlInfo objects.
uctrls(3U) Predefined.
UHashTable(3U) Hash table classes.
ULabel(3U) Structured graphic displaying one line of text.
UList(3U) Circular, doubly-linked list class.
UMap(3U) Maintains a mapping between two sets of pointers.
Unidraw(3U) One-of-a-kind object for coordinating and controlling a Unidraw application.
UnidrawIntro(3U) Unidraw library for graphical object editor development.
UStencil(3U) Structured graphic displaying a bitmap.
Vertices(3U) Abstract base class for graphics defined by a set of coordinate pairs.
VerticesComp(3U) Abstract base classes for vertexed graphical component subjects and.
Viewer(3U) Displays a graphical component view hierarchy.
Viewport(3I) Scrollable view.
World(3I) Control a display.
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