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Scope: Kernel Interfaces Manual.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
aiptek(4) Aiptek USB Digital Tablet Input Driver for Linux.
amdgpu(4) AMD RADEON GPU video driver.
ati(4) ATI video driver.
cckd(4) Hercules Compressed CKD DASD image file.
doc(4) (Pilot standard text document) file format.
elographics(4) Elographics input driver.
evdev(4) Generic Linux input driver.
exa(4) New 2D acceleration architecture for X.Org.
fbdev(4) Video driver for framebuffer device.
fbdevhw(4) Os-specific submodule for framebuffer device access.
intel(4) Intel integrated graphics chipsets.
intel-virtual-output(4) Utility for connecting the Integrated Intel GPU to discrete outputs.
ipf(4freebsd) Packet filtering kernel interface.
ipfilter(4freebsd) Introduction to IP packet filtering.
ipl(4freebsd) IP packet log device.
ipnat(4freebsd) Network Address Translation kernel interface.
joystick(4) Joystick input driver.
kbd(4) Keyboard input driver.
libinput(4) Libinput-based X.Org input driver.
m-acr(4) ACR/NEMA medical image format (MedCon).
m-anlz(4) Analyze (SPM) medical image format (MedCon).
m-ecat(4) CTI ECAT 6/7 medical image format (MedCon).
m-gif(4) GIF87a and annimated GIF89a format (MedCon).
m-intf(4) InterFile 3.3 medical image format (MedCon).
m-inw(4) RUG INW1.0 medical image format (MedCon).
md(4) Multiple Device driver aka Linux Software RAID.
miff(4) Magick Image File Format.
modesetting(4) Video driver for framebuffer device.
mousedrv(4) Xorg mouse input driver.
mutouch(4) Microtouch input driver.
mwmrc(4) The Motif Window Manager Resource Description File.
neomagic(4) Neomagic video driver.
nouveau(4) NVIDIA video driver.
openchrome(4) Video driver for VIA Unichromes.
opie(4freebsd) One-time Passwords In Everything.
plan(4) Database file of plan(1).
r128(4) ATI Rage 128 video driver.
radeon(4) ATI/AMD RADEON video driver.
savage(4) S3 Savage video driver.
siliconmotion(4) Silicon Motion video driver.
sisusb(4) SiS USB video driver.
skey(4freebsd) One-time Passwords In Everything.
synaptics(4) Touchpad input driver.
tdfx(4) 3Dfx video driver.
trident(4) Trident video driver.
twconfig(4) Tripwire configuration file reference.
twpolicy(4) Tripwire policy file reference.
vesa(4) Generic VESA video driver.
vmware(4) VMware SVGA video driver.
void(4) Null input driver.
wacom(4) Wacom input driver.
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