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Scope: kmos recipes.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
kmo_arithmetic(7) Perform basic arithmetic on cubes.
kmo_copy(7) Copy a section of a cube to another cube, image or spectrum.
kmo_fit_profile(7) Fit spectral line profiles as well as spatial profiles with a simple function - for example.
kmo_fits_strip(7) Strip noise, rotator and/or empty extensions from a processed KMOS fits frame.
kmo_make_image(7) Collapse a cube to create a spatial image.
kmo_noise_map(7) Generate a noise map from a raw frame.
kmo_rotate(7) Rotate a cube spatially.
kmo_shift(7) Shift a cube spatially.
kmo_sky_mask(7) Create a mask of spatial pixels that indicates which pixels can be considered as sky.
kmo_stats(7) Perform basic statistics on a KMOS-conform fits-file.
kmos_combine(7) Combine reconstructed cubes.
kmos_dark(7) Create master dark frame & bad pixel mask.
kmos_extract_spec(7) Extract a spectrum from a cube.
kmos_flat(7) Create master flatfield frame and badpixel map.
kmos_gen_reflines(7) Create REFLINES calibration file.
kmos_gen_telluric(7) Generate a TELLURIC frame.
kmos_illumination(7) Create a frame to correct spatial non-uniformity of flatfield.
kmos_reconstruct(7) Performs the cube reconstruction.
kmos_sci_red(7) Reconstruct obj/sky-pairs individually and combine them afterwards.
kmos_sky_tweak(7) Removal of OH sky lines.
kmos_std_star(7) Create the telluric correction frame.
kmos_test(7) Testing.
kmos_wave_cal(7) Create a wavelength calibration frame.
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