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Scope: Kopano Core user reference.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
kopano(7) Kopano server overview.
kopano-admin(8) Manages Kopano users and stores.
kopano-archiver(8) Manages kopano archives and performs the archive operation.
kopano-archiver-aclset(8) Reset the archive ACL settings for the owner.
kopano-archiver-aclsync(8) Synchronizes archive ACL settings with those of the primary store.
kopano-archiver-restore(8) Restore all stubbed and removed messages in a primary store with the messages found.
kopano-archiver.cfg(5) The Kopano archiver configuration file.
kopano-autorespond(8) Vacation message response script.
kopano-backup(8) The Kopano Backup tool.
kopano-backup.cfg(5) The Kopano Backup configuration file.
kopano-cachestat(8) Provides an easy-to read overview of the kopano-server cache statistics, as compared to the.
kopano-dagent(8) Deliver mails to Kopano.
kopano-dagent.cfg(5) The Kopano dagent configuration file.
kopano-fsck(1) Start the Kopano fsck calendar check program.
kopano-gateway(8) Start the Kopano IMAP/POP3 Gateway.
kopano-gateway.cfg(5) The Kopano gateway configuration file.
kopano-ical(8) Start the Kopano ICal/CalDAV gateway.
kopano-ical.cfg(5) The Kopano iCal/CalDAV gateway configuration file.
kopano-ldap.cfg(5) The Kopano LDAP configuration file.
kopano-mailbox-permissions(8) Manage mailbox delegate permissions.
kopano-migration-pst(8) Utility to import PST files into Kopano.
kopano-migration-pst.cfg(5) The kopano-migration-pst configuration file.
kopano-monitor(8) Start the Kopano monitor.
kopano-monitor.cfg(5) The Kopano monitor configuration file.
kopano-mr-accept(8) Automatic accepting of meeting requests.
kopano-mr-process(8) Automatic processing of meeting requests.
kopano-passwd(1) Change Kopano user password.
kopano-search(8) Kopano Indexed Search Service.
kopano-search.cfg(5) The Kopano Search configuration file.
kopano-server(8) Start the Kopano storage server.
kopano-server.cfg(5) The Kopano configuration file.
kopano-set-oof(1) Control a user's out of office settings.
kopano-spooler(8) Start the Kopano spooler.
kopano-spooler.cfg(5) The Kopano spooler configuration file.
kopano-stats(1) Dump kopano statistics tables.
kopano-unix.cfg(5) The Kopano Unix user plugin configuration file.
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