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Scope: libgig tools.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
akaidump(1) Dump an AKAI media (i.e. CDROM) as disk image file to your HD.
akaiextract(1) Extract audio samples from an AKAI media or AKAI disk image file.
dlsdump(1) List information about a DLS (Downloadable Sound) file.
gig2mono(1) Converts Gigasampler (.gig) files from stereo to mono.
gig2stereo(1) Converts Gigasampler (.gig) files from mono pairs to true stereo.
gigdump(1) List information about a Gigasampler (.gig) file.
gigextract(1) Extract samples from Gigasampler (.gig) files.
gigmerge(1) Merges several Gigasampler (.gig) files to one Gigasampler file.
korg2gig(1) Convert sound files from KORG to GigaStudio format.
korgdump(1) List information about sound files in KORG synthesizer format.
rifftree(1) Print RIFF tree structure of an arbitrary RIFF file.
sf2dump(1) Parses SoundFont v2 (.sf2) files and prints out the content.
sf2extract(1) Extract samples from SoundFont version 2 (.sf2) files.
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