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Scope: Linux System Administration.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
actctrl(8) Configure IBM Active 2000 ISDN adaptor.
autovbox(1) ISDN voice box (sound converter).
avmcapictrl(8) Add, reset or remove active AVM cards and load firmware.
bccmd(1) Utility for the CSR BCCMD interface.
btattach(1) Attach serial devices to BlueZ stack.
callerid.conf(5) Config file for isdnlog numbers and scripts.
divaload(8) Configure Eicon Diva active ISDN card.
divalog(8) Utility to read and translate messages from divalogd.
divalogd(8) Utility to record messages from Diva cards.
divertctrl(8) Set/query ISDN diversion services for (E)DSS1 protocol.
eiconctrl(8) Configure Eicon active ISDN card.
hciattach(1) Attach serial devices via UART HCI to BlueZ stack.
hciconfig(1) Configure Bluetooth devices.
hcidump(1) Parse HCI data.
hcitool(1) Configure Bluetooth connections.
hisaxctrl(8) Configure HiSax-Module.
host.conf(5) Resolver configuration file.
icnctrl(8) Configure ICN ISDN adaptor.
iconvconfig(8) Create iconv module configuration cache.
imon(1) Watch ISDN activities.
imontty(1) Display status of all ISDN lines.
ipppd(8) (ISDN) Point to Point Protocol daemon.
ipppstats(8) Print PPP statistics.
iprofd(8) Modem-register daemon.
isdn.conf(5) Config file for isdnlog.
isdnconfig(8) Configure the Debian isdnutils package.
isdnctrl(8) Get/set ISDN device information.
isdnformat(5) Common isdn config file format.
isdnlog(5) Isdn log file.
isdnlog(8) Isdn log system (and more).
isdnlog.users(5) User base isdnlog config file.
l2ping(1) Send L2CAP echo request and receive answer.
mkzonedb(8) Utility create a zone file for isdnlog.
networks(5) Network name information.
pcbitctl(8) PCBIT-D firmware loader.
pussy(1) Perl User SAFT Server Yin.
rmdtovbox(1) Isdn voice box (sound converter).
rsyslog.conf(5) Rsyslogd(8) configuration file.
rsyslogd(8) Reliable and extended syslogd.
semanage.conf(5) Global configuration file for the SELinux Management library.
sfconf(1) Sendfile user configuration helper.
swapspace(8) Dynamically manage swap space.
tzselect(8) Select a timezone.
vbox(5) File format.
vbox.conf(5) Config file for vbox.
vboxbeep(1) Isdn voice box (beeper).
vboxcnvt(1) ↣ vboxconvert(1) Isdn voice box (converter backend).
vboxconvert(1) Isdn voice box (converter backend).
vboxctrl(1) Control vbox functions.
vboxd(8) Isdn voice box daemon.
vboxd.conf(5) Config file for vboxd (the daemon).
vboxgetty(8) Isdn voice box (getty).
vboxgetty.conf(5) Config file for vboxgetty.
vboxmail(8) Script to send notification of new voice message.
vboxmode(1) Detect format of isdn voice file.
vboxplay(1) Play vbox sound files.
vboxrc(5) User config file for vbox.
vboxtcl(5) Tcl commands for vboxgetty.
vboxtoau(1) Isdn voice box (sound converter).
zdump(8) Timezone dumper.
zic(8) Timezone compiler.
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