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Scope: Linux User's Manual.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
antiword(1) Show the text and images of MS Word documents.
bluetooth-sendto(1) GTK application for transferring files over Bluetooth.
bluetooth-wizard(1) GTK wizard for setting up devices with the Linux Bluetooth stack.
cifsiostat(1) Report CIFS statistics.
dictunformat(1) Create a raw database file from a .dict and .index file.
digitaglinktree(1) Export tag structure of photos in digikam to the filesystem.
fgconsole(1) Print the number of the active VT.
filterm(1) Filter terminal input and/or output.
freecad(1) An extensible Open Source CAx program for Unix/X11.
freecadcmd(1) ↣ freecad(1) An extensible Open Source CAx program for Unix/X11.
gcstar(1) Personal collection manager.
gpasm(1) GNU PIC assembler.
gpdasm(1) GNU PIC disassembler.
gplib(1) GNU PIC librarian.
gplink(1) GNU PIC linker.
gpstrip(1) Discard symbols from object file.
gputils(1) GNU PIC utilities.
gpvc(1) GNU PIC COD file viewer.
gpvo(1) GNU PIC object file viewer.
intro(1) Introduction to user commands.
iostat(1) Report Central Processing Unit (CPU) statistics and input/output statistics for devices and parti‐.
kantiword(1) Installs desktop icon for d'n'd function of antiword.
konwert(1) Interface for various character encoding conversions.
mailaddr(7) Mail addressing description.
maitreya7(1) Program for the display of astrological charts, Vedic and Western.
mpstat(1) Report processors related statistics.
pidstat(1) Report statistics for Linux tasks.
resapplet(1) On-the-fly resolution changer.
sa1(8) Collect and store binary data in the system activity daily data file.
sa2(8) Create a report from the current standard system activity daily data file.
sadc(8) System activity data collector.
sadf(1) Display data collected by sar in multiple formats.
sar.sysstat(1) Collect, report, or save system activity information.
sensors(1) Print sensors information.
sensors.conf(5) Libsensors configuration file.
session-migration(1) Migrate in user session settings.
setlogcons(8) Send kernel messages to console N.
sysstat(5) Sysstat configuration file.
tapestat(1) Report tape statistics.
tina(1) Personal information manager.
trs(1) Filter replacing strings.
ubuntu-kylin-wizard(1) Setup wizard for Ubuntu/Ubuntu Kylin.
unity(1) Wrapper for starting the unity shell and handling fallback.
unity-panel-service(1) Program for drawing the panel with the unity shell.
vcstime(8) Show time in upper right hand corner of the console screen.
vlock(1) Virtual Console lock program.
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