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Scope: Live Systems Project.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
lb(1) Wrapper for live-build programs.
lb_binary(1) Complete the binary stage.
lb_bootstrap(1) Complete the bootstrap stage.
lb_build(1) Complete the bootstrap, chroot, binary, and source stages.
lb_chroot(1) Complete the chroot stage.
lb_clean(1) Clean build directory.
lb_config(1) Create config directory.
lb_source(1) Complete the source stage.
live-boot(7) System Boot Components.
live-build(7) The live systems tool suite.
live-config(7) System Configuration Components.
live-images(7) System Image Configurations.
live-tools(7) System Support Scripts.
live-update-initramfs(8) Writes out updated kernel and initrd images to the live media.
persistence.conf(5) Configuration file for persistence media in live-boot.
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