Manual pages

Scope: Mandos Manual.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
askpass-fifo(8mandos) Mandos plugin to get a password from a FIFO.
intro(8mandos) Introduction to the Mandos system.
mandos(8) Gives encrypted passwords to authenticated Mandos clients.
mandos-client(8mandos) Client for Mandos.
mandos-clients.conf(5) Configuration file for the Mandos server.
mandos-ctl(8) Control or query the operation of the Mandos server.
mandos-keygen(8) Generate key and password for Mandos client and server.
mandos-monitor(8) Text-based GUI to control the Mandos server.
mandos.conf(5) Configuration file for the Mandos server.
password-prompt(8mandos) Prompt for a password and output it.
plugin-runner(8mandos) Run Mandos plugins, pass data from first to succeed.
plymouth(8mandos) Mandos plugin to use plymouth to get a password.
splashy(8mandos) Mandos plugin to use splashy to get a password.
usplash(8mandos) Mandos plugin to use usplash to get a password.