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MBK_CATA_LIB(1) Define the mbk catalog directory.
MBK_CATAL_NAME(1) Define the mbk catalog file.
MBK_CK(1) Define the clock name pattern.
MBK_FILTER_SFX(1) Define the inputoutput filter suffixe.
MBK_IN_FILTER(1) Define the input filter.
MBK_IN_LO(1) Define the logical input format of mbk and genlib.
MBK_IN_PH(1) Define the physical input format of mbk and genlib.
MBK_OUT_FILTER(1) Define the input filter.
MBK_OUT_LO(1) Define the logical output format of mbk and genlib.
MBK_OUT_PH(1) Define the physical output format of mbk and genlib.
MBK_SEPAR(1) Define the separator character for hierarchy.
MBK_TRACE_GETENV(1) Defines getenv() debug output.
MBK_VDD(1) Define the high level power name pattern.
MBK_VSS(1) Define the ground power name pattern.
MBK_WORK_LIB(1) Define the mbk working directory.
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