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addcapa(3) Add a capacitance to a signal.
addlocap(3) Create a logical capacitor.
addlocon(3) Create a logical connector.
addlofig(3) Create a new structural cell model.
addloins(3) Create a logical instance.
addlomodel(3) Create a tempotary logical model and add it to a list.
addlores(3) Create a logical resistor.
addloself(3) Create a logical inductor.
addlosig(3) Create a logical signal.
addlotrs(3) Create a logical transistor.
checkloconorder(3) Checks the consistency of a list of logical connectors.
dellocap(3) Delete a logical capacitor.
dellocon(3) Delete a logical connector.
delloins(3) Delete a logical instance.
dellores(3) Delete a logical resistor.
delloself(3) Delete a logical inductor.
dellosig(3) Delete a logical signal.
dellotrs(3) Delete a logical transistor.
freelomodel(3) Free a lofig_list for temporary models.
GENLIB_SET_LOCAP(3) Set the capacitance value of a logical capacitor, after its creation.
GENLIB_SET_LORES(3) Set the resistance value of a logical resistor, after its creation.
GENLIB_SET_LOSELF(3) Set the inductance value of a logical inductor, after its creation.
getlocap(3) Retrieve a logical capacitor.
getlocon(3) Retrieve a logical connector.
getloins(3) Retrieve a logical instance.
getlomodel(3) Retrieve a model from a lofig_list.
getlores(3) Retrieve a logical resistor.
getloself(3) Retrieve a logical inductor.
getlosig(3) Retrieve a logical signal.
getsigname(3) Choose a signal name in alias list.
lofigchain(3) Creates a netlist in terms of connectors on signals.
restorealldir(3) Restore all instances' connectors directions.
restoredirvbe(3) Restore connectors directions from behavioral view.
setlocap(3) Set the capacitance value of a logical capacitor.
setlores(3) Set the resistance value of a logical resistor.
setloself(3) Set the inductance value of a logical inductor.
sortlocon(3) Sort the logical connectors of a figure by name.
sortlosig(3) Sort the logical signals of a figure by name.
viewlo(3) Scan all lofig_lists and display their elements.
viewlocap(3) Display elements of a locap_list.
viewlofig(3) Display elements of a lofig_list.
viewloins(3) Display elements of a loins_list.
viewloinscon(3) Display elements of a locon_list attached to an instance.
viewlores(3) Display elements of a lores_list.
viewloself(3) Display elements of a loself_list.
viewlosig(3) Display elements of a losig_list.
viewlotrs(3) Display elements of a lotrs_list.
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