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addphcon(3) Create a physical connector.
addphfig(3) Create a new physical cell model.
addphins(3) Create a physical instance.
addphref(3) Create a physical reference.
addphseg(3) Create a physical segment.
addphvia(3) Create a physical via.
defab(3) Defines the abutment box of a phfig.
dellofig(3) Delete and free a logical figure.
delphcon(3) Delete a physical connector.
delphfig(3) Delete and free a physical figure.
delphins(3) Delete a physical instance.
delphref(3) Delete a physical reference.
delphseg(3) Delete a physical segment.
delphvia(3) Delete a physical via.
getphcon(3) Retrieve a physical connector.
getphins(3) Retrieve a physical instance.
getphref(3) Retrieve a physical reference.
viewph(3) Display all the phfig_lists and their elements.
viewphcon(3) Display elements of a phcon_list.
viewphins(3) Display elements of a phins_list.
viewphref(3) Display elements of a phref_list.
viewphseg(3) Display elements of a phseg_list.
xyflat(3) Compute hierarchical coordinates.
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