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addchain(3) Create a chain and add it to a list.
addnum(3) Create a num and add it to a list.
addptype(3) Create a ptype and add it to a ptype_list.
alliancebanner(3) Display the standardized Alliance banner.
append(3) Append a chain_list to an other chain_list.
concatname(3) Concatenate two names with user separator.
delchain(3) Delete an element of a chain_list.
delnum(3) Delete an element of a num_list.
delptype(3) Delete an element of a ptype_list.
downstr(3) Convert a string to lower case.
filepath(3) Return the whole search path of a file.
freechain(3) Free a chain_list.
freenum(3) Free a num_list.
freeptype(3) Free a ptype_list.
getptype(3) Retrieve a ptype from a ptype_list.
incatalog(3) Test if cell belongs to the catalog file.
incatalogdelete(3) Test if cell belongs to the catalog file.
incatalogfeed(3) Test if cell belongs to the catalog file.
incataloggds(3) Test if cell belongs to the catalog file.
instr(3) Find an occurence of a string in a string, starting at a specified character.
mbkalloc(3) Mbk memory allocator.
mbkenv(3) Set user preferences.
mbkfopen(3) Open a file with several search pathes.
mbkfree(3) Mbk memory allocator.
mbkgetenv(3) Get an environment variable.
mbkps(3) Mbk process state.
mbkrealloc(3) Mbk memory reallocator.
mbksetautoackchld(3) Tells Alliance to automatically handle terminaison of child process.
mbkunlink(3) Delete a file in the WORK_LIBP.
mbkwaitpid(3) Wait for the end of a particular child process.
namealloc(3) Hash table for strings.
namefind(3) Hash table for strings.
nameindex(3) Concatenate a name and index with user separator.
naturalstrcmp(3) Compare string in alphabetical order for letters and numerical for digits.
reverse(3) Reverse a list of chained elements.
upstr(3) Convert a string to upper case.
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