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Scope: [mmh-0.3].

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
mh-draft(7mh) Draft folder facility for mmh.
mh-sequence(7mh) Sequence specification for mh message system.
mhpgp(1mh) Check PGP signatures and decrypt PGP messages using gnupg.
mhsign(1mh) Sign or encrypt a message with gnupg.
mmh(1mh) Initialize the mmh environment.
mmh-intro(7mh) Introduction to the Modern MH message system.
mmhwrap(1mh) Invoke mmh commands if they are not in $PATH.
spost(8mh) Feed a message to sendmail.
whatnow2(1mh) Front-end for handling drafts.
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