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Scope: muse recipes.

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muse_ampl(7) Determine the instrumental throughput from exposures taken with the pico-amplifier / photo diode.
muse_astrometry(7) Compute an astrometric solution.
muse_bias(7) Combine several separate bias images into one master bias file.
muse_create_sky(7) Create night sky model from selected pixels of an exposure of empty sky.
muse_dark(7) Combine several separate dark images into one master dark file and locate hot pixels.
muse_exp_align(7) Create a coordinate offset table to be used to align exposures during exposure combination.
muse_exp_combine(7) Combine several exposures into one datacube.
muse_flat(7) Combine several separate flat images into one master flat file, trace slice locations, and locate.
muse_geometry(7) Compute relative location of the slices within the field of view and measure the instrumental.
muse_lingain(7) Compute the gain and a model of the residual non-linearity for each detector quadrant.
muse_lsf(7) Compute the LSF.
muse_qi_mask(7) Create image masks for use with the quick image reconstruction.
muse_scibasic(7) Remove the instrumental signature from the data of each CCD and convert them from an image.
muse_scipost(7) Prepare reduced and combined science products.
muse_scipost_apply_astrometry(7) Calibrate astrometry for MUSE pixel tables.
muse_scipost_calibrate_flux(7) Calibrate flux for MUSE pixel tables.
muse_scipost_combine_pixtables(7) Combine MUSE pixel tables, either from different IFUs, or from different.
muse_scipost_correct_dar(7) Apply DAR correction for MUSE pixel tables.
muse_scipost_correct_rv(7) Apply RV correction for MUSE pixel tables.
muse_scipost_make_cube(7) Make a MUSE cube from a MUSE pixel table.
muse_scipost_subtract_sky(7) Subtract night sky model.
muse_scipost_subtract_sky_simple(7) Subtract night sky spectrum.
muse_standard(7) Create a flux response curve from a standard star exposure.
muse_twilight(7) Combine several twilight skyflats into one cube, compute correction factors for each IFU, and.
muse_wavecal(7) Detect arc emission lines and determine the wavelength solution for each slice.
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