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Scope: Network backup, recovery and verification.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
bacula-console(8) ↣ bconsole(8) Bacula's management Console.
bat(1) Bacula Administration Tool Console.
bconsole(8) Bacula's management Console.
bcopy(8) Bacula's 'Copy from tape'.
bextract(8) Bacula's 'Extract from tape'.
bls(8) Bacula's 'Tape LS'.
bscan(8) Bacula's 'Scan tape'.
bsmtp(1) Bacula's SMTP client (mail submission program).
btape(8) Bacula's Tape interface test program.
btraceback(1) Wrapper script around gdb and bsmtp.
dbcheck(8) Bacula's Catalog Database Check/Clean program.
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