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Scope: nroff.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
docbook2gjots(1) Convert a DOCBOOK file to gjots format (on stdout).
find(1) Search for files in a directory hierarchy.
gjots2(1) A gnome-2/X11 jotter.
gjots2docbook(1) Convert a gjotsfile to DOCBOOK (on stdout).
gjots2html(1) Convert a gjotsfile to HTML (on stdout).
gpp(1) Generic Preprocessor.
ibod(1) ISDN MPPP bandwidth on demand daemon.
ibod_cf(4) Configuration file for ibod (ISDN Bandwidth On Demand).
ips(1) Intelligent process status.
java2html(1) Generates highlighted html-files from Java or C++ source.
liblv2dynparamhost1-1(3) LV2 plugin interface extension.
liblv2dynparamplugin1-0(3) LV2 plugin interface extension.
locate.findutils(1) List files in databases that match a pattern.
locatedb(5) Front-compressed file name database.
preprocess(1) Preprocess a file.
ptex2tex(1) Executable script associated with ptex2tex module.
seyon(1) X11 Telecommunications Package.
seyon-emu(1) X11 Telecommunications Package.
start-nas(1nas) A portable, network-transparent audio system.
updatedb.findutils(1) Update a file name database.
xargs(1) Build and execute command lines from standard input.
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