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Scope: NTPsec.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
ntp.conf(5) Network Time Protocol (NTP) daemon configuration file format.
ntp.keys(5) NTP symmetric key file format.
ntpdig(1) Standard Simple Network Time Protocol client program.
ntpkeygen(8) Create and manage NTP host keys.
ntpleapfetch(8) Leap-seconds file manager/updater.
ntploggps(8) Log gpsd data.
ntplogtemp(8) Log temperature data.
ntpmon(1) Real-time NTP status monitor.
ntpq(1) Standard NTP query program.
ntptime(8) Read and set kernel time variables.
ntptrace(1) Trace peers of an NTP server.
ntpviz(1) Make visualizations of offset, jitter, etc. from stats file data.
ntpwait(8) Wait for ntpd to stabilize the system clock.
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