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Scope: OAR commands.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
Almighty(1) OAR server daemon.
oar-database(1) Manage OAR database.
oar-server(1) Daemon wrapper to start the oar server (Almighty).
oar_phoenix(1) Check and automatically reboot Suspected nodes.
oar_resources_add(1) Yet another helper script to define OAR resources.
oar_resources_init(1) Connect to a list of hosts to gather system information and create the corresponding OAR.
oaraccounting(1) Fill the database with the summary of the resource usage.
oaradmissionrules(1) Manage admission rules.
oarcp(1) Remote shell connector for OAR batch scheduler.
oardel(1) Delete or checkpoint job(s).
oarhold(1) Hold a job in OAR batch scheduler.
oarmonitor(1) Launch the monitoring of a job.
oarmonitor_graph_gen(1) Generate graphics from a job resource usage.
oarnodechecklist(1) A simple local node check mechanism.
oarnodecheckquery(1) Node checking.
oarnodes(1) Show information about the nodes managed by OAR.
oarnodesetting(1) Change the state and properties of a node in OAR.
oarnotify(1) Multi usage command for queues and Almighty notification.
oarprint(1) Pretty print of a job resources.
oarproperty(1) Add or remove resource properties.
oarremoveresource(1) Remove a resource from the database.
oarresume(1) Resume a job in OAR batch scheduler.
oarsh(1) Remote shell connector for OAR batch scheduler.
oarstat(1) Show information about jobs.
oarsub(1) OAR batch scheduler job submission command.
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