Manual pages

Scope: OCFS2 Manual Pages.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
debugfs.ocfs2(8) OCFS2 file system debugger.
fsck.ocfs2(8) Check an OCFS2 file system.
fsck.ocfs2.checks(8) Consistency checks that fsck.ocfs2(8) performs and its means for fixing inconsistencies.
mkfs.ocfs2(8) Creates an OCFS2 file system.
mount.ocfs2(8) Mount an OCFS2 filesystem.
mounted.ocfs2(8) Detects all OCFS2 volumes on a system.
o2cb(7) Default cluster stack of the OCFS2 file system.
o2cb(8) Cluster registration utility for the O2CB cluster stack.
o2cb.sysconfig(5) Cluster configuration file for the o2cb cluster stack.
o2cb_ctl(8) Control program for the O2CB cluster service.
o2cluster(8) Change cluster stack stamped on an OCFS2 file system.
o2hbmonitor(8) Monitors disk heartbeat in the O2CB cluster stack.
o2image(8) Copy or restore OCFS2 file system meta-data.
o2info(1) Show OCFS2 file system information.
ocfs2(7) A Shared-Disk Cluster File System for Linux.
ocfs2.cluster.conf(5) Cluster configuration file for the o2cb cluster stack.
ocfs2_hb_ctl(8) Starts and stops the O2CB local heartbeat on a given device.
tunefs.ocfs2(8) Change OCFS2 file system parameters.