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Scope: Pacemaker Configuration.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
crmd(7) CRM Daemon Options.
ocf_pacemaker_attribute(7) Manages a node attribute.
ocf_pacemaker_ClusterMon(7) Runs crm_mon in the background, recording the cluster status to an HTML file.
ocf_pacemaker_controld(7) DLM Agent for cluster file systems.
ocf_pacemaker_Dummy(7) Example stateless resource agent.
ocf_pacemaker_HealthCPU(7) System health CPU usage.
ocf_pacemaker_HealthSMART(7) SMART health status.
ocf_pacemaker_ifspeed(7) Network interface speed monitor.
ocf_pacemaker_o2cb(7) OCFS2 daemon resource agent.
ocf_pacemaker_ping(7) Node connectivity.
ocf_pacemaker_pingd(7) Pingd resource agent.
ocf_pacemaker_remote(7) Remote resource agent.
ocf_pacemaker_Stateful(7) Example stateful resource agent.
ocf_pacemaker_SysInfo(7) SysInfo resource agent.
ocf_pacemaker_SystemHealth(7) SystemHealth resource agent.
pengine(7) Policy Engine Options.
stonithd(7) Options available for all stonith resources.
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