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Scope: Plainbox.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
plainbox(1) Toolkit for software and hardware integration testing.
plainbox-category-units(7) Syntax and semantics of Plainbox category unit type.
plainbox-check-config(1) Check and display plainbox configuration.
plainbox-dev(1) Commands for test developers.
plainbox-dev-analyze(1) Analyze how seleted jobs would be executed.
plainbox-dev-crash(1) Crash the application.
plainbox-dev-list(1) List and describe various objects.
plainbox-dev-logtest(1) Log messages at various levels.
plainbox-dev-parse(1) Parse stdin with the specified parser.
plainbox-dev-script(1) Run a command from a job.
plainbox-dev-special(1) Special/internal commands.
plainbox-device(1) Device management commands.
plainbox-file-units(7) Syntax and semantics of Plainbox file unit type.
plainbox-job-units(7) Syntax and semantics of Plainbox manifest entry unit type.
plainbox-qml-shell(1) Standalone qml-native shell.
plainbox-run(1) Run a test job.
plainbox-self-test(1) Run unit and integration tests.
plainbox-session(1) Session management sub-commands.
plainbox-session-archive(1) Archive a single session.
plainbox-session-export(1) (re-)export an existing session.
plainbox-session-list(1) List available session.
plainbox-session-remove(1) Remove one ore more sessions.
plainbox-session-show(1) Show a single session.
plainbox-session-structure(7) Structure of per-session directory.
plainbox-startprovider(1) Create a new plainbox provider.
plainbox-template-units(7) Syntax and semantics of Plainbox template unit type.
plainbox-test-plan-units(7) Syntax and semantics of Plainbox test plan unit type.
plainbox-trusted-launcher-1(1) Execute job command as another user.
plainbox.conf(5) Plainbox configuration file.
PLAINBOX_PROVIDER_DATA(7) Per-provider data directory.
PLAINBOX_SESSION_SHARE(7) Per-session runtime shared-state directory.
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