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Scope: Reflected/virtual channel support.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
adler32(3tcl) Adler32 transformation.
cat(3tcl) Concatenation channel.
core(3tcl) Basic reflected/virtual channel support.
events(3tcl) Event support for reflected/virtual channels.
facade(3tcl) Facade channel.
halfpipe(3tcl) In-memory channel, half of a fifo2.
hex(3tcl) Hexadecimal encoding transformation.
identity(3tcl) Identity transformation.
limitsize(3tcl) Limiting input.
nullzero(3tcl) Null/Zero channel combination.
observe(3tcl) Observer transformation, stream copy.
randseed(3tcl) Utilities for random channels.
rot(3tcl) Rot-encryption.
spacer(3tcl) Space insertation and removal.
std(3tcl) Standard I/O, unification of stdin and stdout.
tcllib_fifo(3tcl) In-memory fifo channel.
tcllib_fifo2(3tcl) In-memory interconnected fifo channels.
tcllib_memchan(3tcl) In-memory channel.
tcllib_null(3tcl) Null channel.
tcllib_random(3tcl) Random channel.
tcllib_string(3tcl) Read-only in-memory channel.
tcllib_variable(3tcl) In-memory channel using variable for storage.
tcllib_zero(3tcl) Zero channel.
tcllib_zlib(3tcllib) Zlib (de)compression.
textwindow(3tcl) Textwindow channel.
transformcore(3tcl) Basic reflected/virtual channel transform support.
vt_base64(3tcl) Base64 encoding transformation.
vt_counter(3tcl) Counter transformation.
vt_crc32(3tcl) Crc32 transformation.
vt_otp(3tcl) Encryption via one-time pad.
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