Manual pages

Scope: rrdtool.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
bin_dec_hex(1) How to use binary, decimal, and hexadecimal notation.
cdeftutorial(1) Alex van den Bogaerdt's CDEF tutorial.
librrd(3) RRD library functions.
rpntutorial(1) Reading RRDtool RPN Expressions by Steve Rader.
rrd-beginners(1) RRDtool Beginners' Guide.
rrdbuild(1) Instructions for building RRDtool.
rrdcached(1) Data caching daemon for rrdtool.
rrdcgi(1) Create web pages containing RRD graphs based on templates.
rrdcreate(1) Set up a new Round Robin Database.
rrddump(1) Dump the contents of an RRD to XML format.
rrdfetch(1) Fetch data from an RRD.
rrdfirst(1) Return the date of the first data sample in an RRA within an RRD.
rrdflushcached(1) Flush the values for a spcific RRD file from memory.
rrdgraph(1) Round Robin Database tool graphing functions.
rrdgraph_data(1) Preparing data for graphing in rrdtool graph.
rrdgraph_examples(1) Examples for rrdtool graph.
rrdgraph_graph(1) Rrdtool graph command reference.
rrdgraph_libdbi(1) Fetching data for graphing in rrdtool graph via libdbi.
rrdgraph_rpn(1) About RPN Math in rrdtool graph.
rrdinfo(1) Extract header information from an RRD.
rrdlast(1) Return the date of the last data sample in an RRD.
rrdlastupdate(1) Return the most recent update to an RRD.
rrdresize(1) Alters the size of an RRA and creates a new .rrd file.
rrdrestore(1) Restore the contents of an RRD from its XML dump format.
rrdthreads(1) Provisions for linking the RRD library to use in multi-threaded programs.
rrdtool(1) Round Robin Database Tool.
rrdtune(1) Modify some basic properties of a Round Robin Database.
rrdtutorial(1) Alex van den Bogaerdt's RRDtool tutorial.
rrdupdate(1) Store a new set of values into the RRD.
rrdxport(1) Export data in XML format based on data from one or several RRD.