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Scope: SELinux Command Line documentation.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
avcstat(8) Display SELinux AVC statistics.
booleans(8) Policy booleans enable runtime customization of SELinux policy.
chkcon(8) Determine if a security context is valid for a given binary policy.
genpolbools(8) Rewrite a binary policy with different boolean settings.
genpolusers(8) Generate new binary policy with updated user configuration.
getenforce(8) Get the current mode of SELinux.
getsebool(8) Get SELinux boolean value(s).
matchpathcon(8) Get the default SELinux security context for the specified path from the file contexts configuā€.
sefcontext_compile(8) Compile file context regular expression files.
selinux(8) NSA Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux).
selinuxenabled(8) Tool to be used within shell scripts to determine if selinux is enabled.
selinuxexeccon(8) Report SELinux context used for this executable.
sestatus(8) SELinux status tool.
setenforce(8) Modify the mode SELinux is running in.
setsebool(8) Set SELinux boolean value.
togglesebool(8) Flip the current value of a SELinux boolean.
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