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Scope: SELinux configuration.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
booleans(5) The SELinux booleans configuration files.
customizable_types(5) The SELinux customizable types configuration file.
default_contexts(5) The SELinux default contexts configuration file.
default_type(5) The SELinux default type configuration file.
failsafe_context(5) The SELinux fail safe context configuration file.
local.users(5) The SELinux local users configuration file.
removable_context(5) The SELinux removable devices context configuration file.
securetty_types(5) The SELinux secure tty type configuration file.
service_seusers(5) The SELinux GNU/Linux user and service to SELinux user mapping configuration files.
seusers(5) The SELinux GNU/Linux user to SELinux user mapping configuration file.
user_contexts(5) The SELinux user contexts configuration files.
virtual_domain_context(5) The SELinux virtual machine domain context configuration file.
virtual_image_context(5) The SELinux virtual machine image context configuration file.
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