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Scope: SFCBroker Client Library.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
CMCIClient(3) CIMOM Client Library object.
CMCIClientFT.associatorNames(3) Enumerate ObjectPaths associated with an Instance.
CMCIClientFT.associators(3) Enumerate instances associated with an Instance.
CMCIClientFT.createInstance(3) Create class instance.
CMCIClientFT.deleteInstance(3) Delete class instance.
CMCIClientFT.enumClasses(3) Enumerate classes and subclasss.
CMCIClientFT.enumClassNames(3) Enumerate class names.
CMCIClientFT.enumInstanceNames(3) Enumerate instance names of a class.
CMCIClientFT.enumInstances(3) Enumerate instances of a class.
CMCIClientFT.execQuery(3) Query the enumeration of instances of a class.
CMCIClientFT.getClass(3) Get class as reference.
CMCIClientFT.getInstance(3) Get class instance.
CMCIClientFT.getProperty(3) Get a named property value of an instance.
CMCIClientFT.invokeMethod(3) Invoke a named method of an instance.
CMCIClientFT.referenceNames(3) Enumerate association ObjectPaths for a class instance.
CMCIClientFT.references(3) Enumerate association instances for a class instance.
CMCIClientFT.setInstance(3) Replace class instance.
CMCIClientFT.setProperty(3) Set a named property value of an instance.
cmciConnect(3) Create a CMCIClient object and connection.
CMPIArgs(3) CMPIArgs class implementation.
CMPIDateTime(3) CMPIDateTime class implementation.
CMPIEnumeration(3) CMPIEnumeration class implementation.
CMPIInstance(3) CMPIInstance class implementation.
CMPIObjectPath(3) CMPIObjectPath class implementation.
CMPIStatus(3) CMPIStatus class implementation.
CMPIString(3) CMPIString class implementation.
CMPIValue(3) CMPIValue class implementation.
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