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Scope: SG3_UTILS.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
scsi_logging_level(8) Access Linux SCSI logging level information.
scsi_mandat(8) Check SCSI device support for mandatory commands.
scsi_readcap(8) Do SCSI READ CAPACITY command on disks.
scsi_ready(8) Do SCSI TEST UNIT READY on devices.
scsi_satl(8) Check SCSI to ATA Translation (SAT) device support.
scsi_start(8) Start one or more SCSI disks.
scsi_stop(8) Stop (spin down) one or more SCSI disks.
scsi_temperature(8) Fetch the temperature of a SCSI device.
sg3_utils(8) A package of utilities for sending SCSI commands.
sg_compare_and_write(8) Send the SCSI COMPARE AND WRITE command.
sg_copy_results(8) Send SCSI RECEIVE COPY RESULTS command (XCOPY related).
sg_dd(8) Copy data to and from files and devices, especially SCSI devices.
sg_decode_sense(8) Decode SCSI sense data.
sg_emc_trespass(8) Change ownership of SCSI LUN from another Service-Processor to this one.
sg_format(8) Format, resize a SCSI disk or format a tape.
sg_get_config(8) Send SCSI GET CONFIGURATION command (MMC-4 +).
sg_get_lba_status(8) Send SCSI GET LBA STATUS command.
sg_inq(8) Issue SCSI INQUIRY command and/or decode its response.
sg_logs(8) Access log pages with SCSI LOG SENSE command.
sg_luns(8) Send SCSI REPORT LUNS command or decode given LUN.
sg_map(8) Displays mapping between Linux sg and other SCSI devices.
sg_map26(8) Map SCSI generic (sg) device to corresponding device names.
sg_modes(8) Reads mode pages with SCSI MODE SENSE command.
sg_opcodes(8) Report supported SCSI commands or task management functions.
sg_persist(8) Use SCSI PERSISTENT RESERVE command to access registrations and reservations.
sg_prevent(8) Send SCSI PREVENT ALLOW MEDIUM REMOVAL command.
sg_raw(8) Send arbitrary SCSI command to a device.
sg_rbuf(8) Reads data using SCSI READ BUFFER command.
sg_rdac(8) Display or modify SCSI RDAC Redundant Controller mode page.
sg_read(8) Read multiple blocks of data, optionally with SCSI READ commands.
sg_read_attr(8) Send SCSI READ ATTRIBUTE command.
sg_read_block_limits(8) Send SCSI READ BLOCK LIMITS command.
sg_read_buffer(8) Send SCSI READ BUFFER command.
sg_read_long(8) Send a SCSI READ LONG command.
sg_readcap(8) Send SCSI READ CAPACITY command.
sg_reassign(8) Send SCSI REASSIGN BLOCKS command.
sg_referrals(8) Send SCSI REPORT REFERRALS command.
sg_rep_zones(8) Send SCSI REPORT ZONES command.
sg_requests(8) Send one or more SCSI REQUEST SENSE commands.
sg_reset(8) Sends SCSI device, target, bus or host reset; or checks reset state.
sg_reset_wp(8) Send SCSI RESET WRITE POINTER command.
sg_rmsn(8) Send SCSI READ MEDIA SERIAL NUMBER command.
sg_rtpg(8) Send SCSI REPORT TARGET PORT GROUPS command.
sg_safte(8) Access SCSI Accessed Fault-Tolerant Enclosure (SAF-TE) device.
sg_sanitize(8) Remove all user data from disk with SCSI SANITIZE command.
sg_sat_identify(8) Send ATA IDENTIFY DEVICE command via SCSI to ATA Translation (SAT) layer.
sg_sat_phy_event(8) Use ATA READ LOG EXT via a SAT pass-through to fetch SATA phy event counters.
sg_sat_read_gplog(8) Use ATA READ LOG EXT command via a SCSI to ATA Translation (SAT) layer.
sg_sat_set_features(8) Use ATA SET FEATURES command via a SCSI to ATA Translation (SAT) layer.
sg_scan(8) Scans sg devices (or SCSI/ATAPI/ATA devices) and prints results.
sg_senddiag(8) Performs a SCSI SEND DIAGNOSTIC command.
sg_ses(8) Access a SCSI Enclosure Services (SES) device.
sg_ses_microcode(8) Send microcode to a SCSI enclosure.
sg_start(8) Send SCSI START STOP UNIT command: start, stop, load or eject medium.
sg_stpg(8) Send SCSI SET TARGET PORT GROUPS command.
sg_sync(8) Send SCSI SYNCHRONIZE CACHE command.
sg_test_rwbuf(8) Test a SCSI host adapter by issuing dummy writes and reads.
sg_timestamp(8) Report or set timestamp on SCSI device.
sg_turs(8) Send one or more SCSI TEST UNIT READY commands.
sg_unmap(8) Send SCSI UNMAP command (known as 'trim' in ATA specs).
sg_verify(8) Invoke SCSI VERIFY command(s) on a block device.
sg_vpd(8) Fetch SCSI VPD page and/or decode its response.
sg_wr_mode(8) Write (modify) SCSI mode page.
sg_write_buffer(8) Send SCSI WRITE BUFFER commands.
sg_write_long(8) Send SCSI WRITE LONG command.
sg_write_same(8) Send SCSI WRITE SAME command.
sg_write_verify(8) Send the SCSI WRITE AND VERIFY command.
sg_xcopy(8) Copy data to and from files and devices using SCSI EXTENDED COPY (XCOPY).
sg_zone(8) Send SCSI OPEN, CLOSE or FINISH ZONE command.
sginfo(8) Access mode page information for a SCSI (or ATAPI) device.
sgm_dd(8) Copy data to and from files and devices, especially SCSI devices.
sgp_dd(8) Copy data to and from files and devices, especially SCSI devices.
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