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Scope: sinfo recipes.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
sinfo_rec_detlin(7) Detector's linearity & non linear bad pixels determination.
sinfo_rec_distortion(7) Finds optical distortions and slitlets distances.
sinfo_rec_jitter(7) Object or STD star or PSF star data reduction.
sinfo_rec_mdark(7) Master dark and hot pixels mask generation.
sinfo_rec_mflat(7) Master flat determination.
sinfo_rec_pupil(7) Pupil data reduction.
sinfo_rec_wavecal(7) Wavelength calibration and slitpos determination.
sinfo_utl_bp_mask_add(7) Add bad pixels masks.
sinfo_utl_cube2ima(7) Cube to image conversion.
sinfo_utl_cube2spectrum(7) Collapse a cube to an image over an aperture.
sinfo_utl_cube_arith(7) Cube arithmetics.
sinfo_utl_cube_combine(7) Coadd cubes in an output cube according to user defined offsets.
sinfo_utl_cube_create(7) Generate a cube.
sinfo_utl_ima_arith(7) Computes result of ima1 op ima2.
sinfo_utl_ima_line_corr(7) Computes result of ima1 op ima2.
sinfo_utl_line_oh_select(7) OH line table creation.
sinfo_utl_skycor(7) Sky lines residuals correction.
sinfo_utl_skymap(7) Flags sky lines as bad pixels, with map generation.
sinfo_utl_spectrum_divide_by_blackbody(7) Spectrum normalization by a blackbody.
sinfo_utl_spectrum_wavelength_shift(7) Spectrum wavelength shift.
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