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Scope: Skylable SX Manual.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
sx.fcgi(8) SX FastCGI Server.
sxacl(1) Manage users and permissions.
sxacl-useradd(1) Create a new user.
sxacl-userclone(1) Clone an existing user.
sxacl-userdel(1) Remove an existing user.
sxacl-usergetkey(1) Get key of a specific user.
sxacl-userlist(1) List all users in a cluster.
sxacl-usermod(1) Change user settings.
sxacl-usernewkey(1) Change (password based) user authentication key.
sxacl-volperm(1) Manage volume permissions.
sxacl-volshow(1) List an access control list for a volume.
sxacl-whoami(1) Print effective username.
sxadm(8) Manage SX clusters and individual nodes.
sxadm-cluster(8) Manage SX clusters.
sxadm-node(8) Create a node and manage a local storage.
sxcat(1) Concatenate files and print on the standard output.
sxcp(1) Copy files from, to and between SX clusters.
sxdump(8) Backup and restore cluster data.
sxfcgi.conf(5) Configuration file for sx.fcgi.
sxfs(1) Filesystem client based on Skylable SX.
sxinit(1) Manage local access configuration for SX clusters.
sxls(1) List available volumes and their contents.
sxmv(1) Move files between SX volumes and clusters.
sxreport-client(1) Generate a report about the system and client configuration.
sxreport-server(8) Collect configuration and logs from SX nodes.
sxrev(1) Manage file revisions.
sxrev-copy(1) Copy a specific revision of a file.
sxrev-delete(1) Delete a revision.
sxrev-list(1) List revisions.
sxrm(1) Remove files or directories.
sxserver(8) Start and stop SX services.
sxsetup(8) Configure and display information about an SX node.
sxsetup.conf(5) Configuration file for sxsetup.
sxsim(1) Simulate data distribution in SX clusters.
sxvol(1) Manage volumes and filters.
sxvol-create(1) Create volumes on SX clusters.
sxvol-filter(1) Display information about filters.
sxvol-modify(1) Modify existing volumes.
sxvol-remove(1) Remove volumes from SX clusters.
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