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Scope: Sync Mail Dir (smd) documentation.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
mddiff(1) Computes diff for maildirs.
smd-applet(1) Graphical interface for smd-pull.
smd-check-conf(1) Checks smd configuration file.
smd-client(1) Receives diffs and performs actions.
smd-config(5) Configuration file for smd-pull and smd-push.
smd-loop(1) Iterates smd-pull and smd-push.
smd-pull(1) Syncs the local mail dir letting the remote one untouched.
smd-push(1) Syncs the remote mail dir letting the local one untouched.
smd-restricted-shell(1) Restricted shell for smd.
smd-server(1) Sends diffs and mails to smd-client.
smd-translate(1) Translates mailbox names according to predefined patterns.
smd-uniform-names(1) Renames local mails as on the remote host.
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