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Scope: System Administration Commands.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
amaddclient(8) Program to add client to an existing Amanda configuration.
amadmin(8) Administrative interface to control Amanda backups.
amaespipe(8) Wrapper program for aespipe.
amanda(8) The Open Source Backup Platform.
amarchiver(8) Create, extract or list amanda archive.
ambsdtar(8) Amanda Application to interface with BSD Tar.
amcheck(8) Run Amanda self-checks.
amcheckdb(8) Check Amanda database for tape consistency.
amcheckdump(8) Check the results of an Amanda dump.
amcleanup(8) Run the Amanda cleanup process after a failure.
amcleanupdisk(8) Cleanup holding disk directory.
amcrypt(8) Reference crypt program for Amanda symmetric data encryption.
amcrypt-ossl(8) Crypt program for Amanda symmetric data encryption using OpenSSL.
amcrypt-ossl-asym(8) Crypt program for Amanda asymmetric data encryption using OpenSSL.
amcryptsimple(8) Reference simple crypt program for Amanda symmetric data encryption.
amdevcheck(8) Validate an Amanda device and volume.
amdump(8) Back up all disks in an Amanda configuration.
amdump_client(8) Back up all disks in an Amanda configuration.
amfetchdump(8) Extract backup images from multiple Amanda tapes.
amflush(8) Flush Amanda backup files from holding disk to tape.
amgetconf(8) Look up configuration parameters and manipulate debug logs.
amgpgcrypt(8) Reference crypt program for Amanda public-key data encryption.
amgtar(8) Amanda Application to interface with GNU Tar.
amlabel(8) Label an Amanda tape.
amoverview(8) Display file systems processed by Amanda over time.
ampgsql(8) Amanda Application to interface with PostgreSQL.
amplot(8) Visualize the behavior of Amanda.
amraw(8) Amanda Application open and read data.
amrecover(8) Amanda index database browser.
amreport(8) Generate a formatted output of statistics for an Amanda run.
amrestore(8) Low-level data-extraction from Amanda volumes.
amrmtape(8) Remove a tape from the Amanda database.
amsamba(8) Amanda Application to interface with smbclient.
amserverconfig(8) Program to setup initial Amanda configuration.
amservice(8) Run an amanda service on a client.
amstar(8) Amanda Application to interface with star.
amstatus(8) Display the state of an Amanda run.
amsuntar(8) Amanda Application to interface with native tar utility available on solaris platforms.
amtape(8) Control Amanda changers.
amtapetype(8) Generate a tapetype definition by testing the device directly.
amtoc(8) Generate TOC (Table Of Contents) for an Amanda run.
amvault(8) Copy Amanda dumps from one volume to another.
amzfs-sendrecv(8) Amanda script to create zfs sendrecv.
amzfs-snapshot(8) Amanda script to create zfs snapshot.
ansible(1) Run a task on a target host(s).
ansible-console(1) A REPL for ad-hoc ansible tasks.
ansible-doc(1) Show documentation on Ansible modules.
ansible-galaxy(1) Manage roles using
ansible-playbook(1) Run an ansible playbook.
ansible-pull(1) Pull playbooks from VCS server and run them using this machine as the target.
ansible-vault(1) Manage encrypted ansible vars files (YAML).
fsck.zfs(8) Dummy ZFS filesystem checker.
haveged(8) Generate random numbers and feed linux random device.
laptop-detect(8) Attempt to detect a laptop.
mount.zfs(8) Mount a ZFS filesystem.
ncpd(8) Daemon which handles the serial link to a Psion.
pdnsd(8) Dns proxy daemon.
plpfuse(8) Daemon to mount an EPOC device as a file system.
plpprintd(8) Daemon for printing via PC from a Psion.
script-email(8) Amanda script to send email notifications.
update-otags(8) Update system-wide tags tables.
zed(8) ZFS Event Daemon.
zfs(8) Configures ZFS file systems.
zinject(8) ZFS Fault Injector.
zpool(8) Configures ZFS storage pools.
zstreamdump(8) Filter data in zfs send stream.