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Scope: System Administration tools.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
cifsdd(8) Convert and copy a file over SMB.
dbwrap_tool(1) Low level TDB/CTDB manipulation tool using the dbwrap interface.
eventlogadm(8) Push records into the Samba event log store.
idmap_ad(8) Samba's idmap_ad Backend for Winbind.
idmap_autorid(8) Samba's idmap_autorid Backend for Winbind.
idmap_hash(8) DO NOT USE THIS BACKEND.
idmap_ldap(8) Samba's idmap_ldap Backend for Winbind.
idmap_nss(8) Samba's idmap_nss Backend for Winbind.
idmap_rfc2307(8) Samba's idmap_rfc2307 Backend for Winbind.
idmap_rid(8) Samba's idmap_rid Backend for Winbind.
idmap_script(8) Samba's idmap_script Backend for Winbind.
idmap_tdb(8) Samba's idmap_tdb Backend for Winbind.
idmap_tdb2(8) Samba's idmap_tdb2 Backend for Winbind.
ldb(3) A light-weight database library.
ldbadd(1) Command-line utility for adding records to an LDB.
ldbdel(1) Command-line program for deleting LDB records.
ldbedit(1) Edit LDB databases using your preferred editor.
ldbmodify(1) Modify records in a LDB database.
ldbrename(1) Edit LDB databases using your favorite editor.
ldbsearch(1) Search for records in a LDB database.
ndrdump(1) DCE/RPC Packet Parser and Dumper.
net(8) Tool for administration of Samba and remote CIFS servers.
nmbd(8) NetBIOS name server to provide NetBIOS over IP naming services to clients.
ntdbbackup(8) Tool for backing up and for validating the integrity of samba .ntdb files.
ntdbdump(8) Tool for printing the contents of an NTDB file.
ntdbrestore(8) Tool for creating a NTDB file out of a ntdbdump output.
ntdbtool(8) Manipulate the contents NTDB files.
oLschema2ldif(1) Converts LDAP schema's to LDB-compatible LDIF.
pam_pkcs11(8) PAM Authentication Module for PKCS#11 token libraries.
pdbedit(8) Manage the SAM database (Database of Samba Users).
regdiff(1) Diff program for Windows registry files.
regpatch(1) Applies registry patches to registry files.
regshell(1) Windows registry file browser using readline.
regtree(1) Text-mode registry viewer.
samba(8) Server to provide AD and SMB/CIFS services to clients.
samba-regedit(8) Ncurses based tool to manage the Samba registry.
samba-tool(8) Main Samba administration tool.
smbd(8) Server to provide SMB/CIFS services to clients.
smbpasswd(8) Change a user's SMB password.
smbspool(8) Send a print file to an SMB printer.
smbspool_krb5_wrapper(8) This is a CUPS printing backend which calls smbspool.
talloc(3) Hierarchical reference counted memory pool system with destructors.
tdbbackup.tdbtools(8) Tool for backing up and for validating the integrity of samba .tdb files.
tdbdump(8) Tool for printing the contents of a TDB file.
tdbrestore(8) Tool for creating a TDB file out of a tdbdump output.
tdbtool(8) Manipulate the contents TDB files.
vfs_acl_tdb(8) Save NTFS-ACLs in a tdb file.
vfs_acl_xattr(8) Save NTFS-ACLs in Extended Attributes (EAs).
vfs_aio_fork(8) Implement async I/O in Samba vfs.
vfs_aio_linux(8) Implement async I/O in Samba vfs using Linux kernel aio calls.
vfs_aio_pthread(8) Implement async I/O in Samba vfs using a pthread pool.
vfs_audit(8) Record selected Samba VFS operations in the system log.
vfs_btrfs(8) Utilize features provided by the Btrfs filesystem.
vfs_cacheprime(8) Prime the kernel file data cache.
vfs_cap(8) CAP encode filenames.
vfs_catia(8) Translate illegal characters in Catia filenames.
vfs_ceph(8) Utilize features provided by CephFS.
vfs_commit(8) Flush dirty data at specified intervals.
vfs_crossrename(8) Server side rename files across filesystem boundaries.
vfs_default_quota(8) Store default quota records for Windows clients.
vfs_dirsort(8) Sort directory contents.
vfs_extd_audit(8) Record selected Samba VFS operations.
vfs_fake_perms(8) Enable read only Roaming Profiles.
vfs_fileid(8) Generates file_id structs with unique device id values for cluster setups.
vfs_fruit(8) Enhanced OS X and Netatalk interoperability.
vfs_full_audit(8) Record Samba VFS operations in the system log.
vfs_glusterfs(8) Utilize features provided by GlusterFS.
vfs_gpfs(8) Gpfs specific samba extensions like acls and prealloc.
vfs_media_harmony(8) Allow multiple Avid clients to share a network drive.
vfs_netatalk(8) Hide .AppleDouble files from CIFS clients.
vfs_offline(8) Mark all files as offline.
vfs_prealloc(8) Preallocate matching files to a predetermined size.
vfs_preopen(8) Hide read latencies for applications reading numbered files.
vfs_readahead(8) Pre-load the kernel buffer cache.
vfs_readonly(8) Make a Samba share read only for a specified time period.
vfs_recycle(8) Samba VFS recycle bin.
vfs_shadow_copy(8) Expose snapshots to Windows clients as shadow copies.
vfs_shadow_copy2(8) Expose snapshots to Windows clients as shadow copies.
vfs_shell_snap(8) Shell script callouts for snapshot creation and deletion.
vfs_snapper(8) Expose snapshots managed by snapper as shadow-copies.
vfs_streams_depot(8) EXPERIMENTAL module to store alternate data streams in a central directory.
vfs_streams_xattr(8) Store alternate data streams in posix xattrs.
vfs_syncops(8) Ensure meta data operations are performed synchronously.
vfs_time_audit(8) Samba vfs module to log slow VFS operations.
vfs_tsmsm(8) VFS module for handling offline files with Tivoli Storage Manager Space Management.
vfs_unityed_media(8) Allow multiple Avid clients to share a network drive.
vfs_worm(8) Disallows writes for older file.
vfs_xattr_tdb(8) Save Extended Attributes (EAs) in a tdb file.
winbindd(8) Name Service Switch daemon for resolving names from NT servers.
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